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doi: 10.2205/2009-REGYconf

Materials of the International Conference
Electronic Geophysical Year:
State of the Art and Results
(Pereslavl-Zalessky, Russia; 3–6 June 2009)

The online version of the conference materials is located at and should be considered as a "frozen" version or so-called "version of record." It follows POP version printed earlier and distributed among conference participants. Online version includes the Appendix containing abstracts received after sending POP version to printer. Some errors and misprints occurred in POP version are fixed.

The book is published by the Geophysical Center RAS and includes the Programme of Conference, Programme and Organizing Committees membership, and abstracts of papers given at the Conference. Most materials are given in both English and Russian.

The text is enhanced with the Author Index and a number of hyperlinks from programme items to corresponding abstracts and from Author Index to corresponding pages.

Citation: Materials of the International Conference "Electronic Geophysical Year: State of the Art and Results" (2009), edited by V. Nechitailenko, GC RAS, Moscow, 117pp., doi:10.2205/2009-REGYconf

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