Joint ICSU Press/UNESCO Expert Conference on
Electronic Publishing in Science
UNESCO, Paris, 19-23 February 1996


The objective of this international conference was:-

To identify issues of concern and to advise on future action for the benefit of science

After hearing state-of-the-art presentations by speakers chosen to review the major topics and issues detailed below, delegates were invited to participate in workshops for the discussion of key questions identified in the main sessions. Responses to these questions enabled the drafting of recommendations which were discussed and then approved by the Conference. They are to be presented to the 25th General Assembly of ICSU and have been reported to the Director-General of UNESCO. These recommendations focus attention on the actions which can and need to be taken during the remaining years leading up to the beginning of the 21st century to ensure that the maximum benefit is derived for all concerned with the progress of scientific research by the application of information technology to the distribution of scientific information. Action following the adoption of these recommendations will be decided by members of the ICSU family in consultation with UNESCO where appropriate.

Conference Materials

Conference Proceedings will be published during the summer 1996 and will be presented, together with the Conclusions and Recommendations of the Working Groups, to the delegates to the 25th ICSU General Assembly in Washington DC in September 1996. A report on the Conference and its conclusions will also be presented to the Director-General of UNESCO.

World-wide Web pages containing Conference materials were mounted during May 1996 at the following sites: and
This miroor site was mounted by the Geophysical Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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