The main goal of this project - to create representative source of information on the primary scientific publications in all disciplines covered by the International Council for Science (ICSU).

The database basically will include decsriptions of and links to materials, which are considered as  primary scientific publications, i.e. scientific journals, serials and other relevant publications, which are published or approved by ICSU bodies as publications containing real science. The latter is the main criteria for including a publication into the ICSU Navigator database.

The idea of the project (see Project Proposal for more details) was discussed at the formal meeting of the Committee on the Dissemination of Scientific Information (ICSU Press) and obtained general support. The ICSU Press recommended to focus the proposal in more narrow scientific areas and solicit support and advice from the relevant Unions. The recommended areas are Geophysics (with further transition to Earth Sciences) and Physics.

Earth Sciences

Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences is developing and maintaining the first part of the pilot project relevant to Earth Sciences. Following ICSU Press recommendations we have sent invitations to officers of relevant Unions asking them for advice and support. ICSU Press, following the support expressed by most respondents, adopted the decision to start development of Earth Sciences branch. Along with this we are very interested to obtain any opinions, advices and criticism from scientists and general public working or interested in Earth Sciences and in particular in Geophysics. Please use Feedback Form to send your response.

The current pilot version of database and software was developed by the Electronic Publishing Dept. of the Geophysical Center in cooperation with the Geophysical Branch of the Library for Natural Sciences of the Russian Academy of Sciences. We are very interested to cooperate with librarians, publishers, and other interested parties in expanding and updating ICSU Navigator database. All entities included into database will be verified by our specialists to guarantee high quality of the database. Initial descriptions of publications can be made online using full-featured or simplified Submission Form. Your help in providing us with an information about primary scientific publications, especially with new or not well known, will be highly appreciated.

The system and its components may be mirrored as this is noted in the Licence of Use Agreement.

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