Volcanology and Seismology (Vulkanologiya i Seysmologiya)    [501]

Editor: S.A. Fedotov

Scientific area(s): Geophysics
Scientific discipline(s): Seismology, Volcanology
ISSN: 0203-0306 (Russian version), 0742-0463 (English version)
UDC: 550.34, 551.21
Relevant ICSU Bodies: IASPEI, IAVCEI
Publisher: MAIK Nauka - Interperiodica Publishing; Gordon and Breach.    Published bimonthly in Text in Russian, summaries in English (Russian version); Text in English (English version) (Russian Federation, Switzerland)
Media and validity: printed on paper, peer-reviewed
Contact: Phone: 7 - (095) 238-27-09; (41522) 5-91-19; E-mail: info@gbhap.com
Website: http://www.gbhap.com/journals/206/206-top.htm
More details: Features include theoretical and experimental studies, communications, and reports on volcanic, seismic, geodynamic, and magmatic processes occurring in the areas of island arcs and other active regions of the earth. English version is a cover-to-cover translation covering the latest research from the former Soviet Union in volcanology and related areas.

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