Materials of the International Conference
50th Anniversary of the International Geophysical Year
and Electronic Geophysical Year

16-19 September 2007 • Suzdal, Russia

Information portal "Geophysics" – contemporary situation

S. V. Belov and E. O. Kedrov

Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


Portal "Geophysics" was created in the Geophysical Center RAS in frames of the project "Electronic Earth" of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Portal connects different information on geophysics: there are information about geomagnetism, seismology, gravimetry, a thermal stream, the phenomena of ionosphera, the space beams in the interplanetary environment, solar activity, database "Carbonatites and kimberlites of the world", geotraverses, International polar year, and so on. Portal "Geophysics" has links with portals of others institutes of the project "Electronic Earth." Therefore their information recourses are accessed to users. The navigator for primary scientific publication is also available. An electronic publishing in science is the important part of our activity. The portal "Geophysics" is permanent developed. For example the new information database "Kimberlites and diamonds of Yakutia" had been created in latest time. Free access to different information and algorithmic resources allow scientists solve difficult problem in the field of geology. On example of information database "Carbonatites and kimberlites of the world" and GIS-project can be shown how it information recourses have been utilized for clarifying evolution of carbonatite and kimberlite magmatism and prognosis of rare metals and diamonds. The carbonatites and kimberlites are derivates of mantle magma and their investigation can give us the important information about geological and petrological process in deep level of the Earth crust and mantle. In other hand many mineral deposits such as Nb, Ta, TR, Ti, Fe and so on associate with carbonatites and main deposits of diamonds have link with kimberlites. Therefore joint their investigation is very important for promotion of theoretical and practical aspects of geology. Discovering new interrelation between carbonatites and kimberlites can give us response to many genetic questions and will be very useful for prognosis and prospecting new mineral deposits and their assessment.

Citation: S. V. Belov and E. O. Kedrov (2007), Information portal "Geophysics" – contemporary situation, in: Materials of the International Conference '50th Anniversary of the International Geophysical Year and Electronic Geophysical Year', GC RAS, Moscow, doi:10.2205/2007-IGY50conf.

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