Materials of the International Conference
50th Anniversary of the International Geophysical Year
and Electronic Geophysical Year

16-19 September 2007 • Suzdal, Russia

The Space Weather Reanalysis

E. A. Kihn1, A. J. Ridley1, and M. Zhizhin2

1National Geophysical Data Center, Boulder, USA

2Geophysical Center, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia


The Space Weather Analysis (SWA) is an 11 year space weather representation using the output of physically consistent data-driven space weather models. The project has created a consistent, integrated historical record of the near Earth space environment by coupling observational data from space environmental monitoring system archives with data-driven, physically based numerical models. The resulting product is an enhanced look at the space environment on consistent grids, time resolution, coordinate systems and containing key fields allowing a user with modeling capability to quickly and easily incorporate the impact of the near-Earth space climate in environmentally sensitive models.

The results of this project strongly support the power, satellite and communications communities. The results will be made available via the eGY standards along with tools for intelligent data mining, classification and event detection developed jointly with WDC-B, Russia which will be applied to the historical space-weather database. The project will provide a complete suite of tools for the user interested in modeling the effect of the near-earth space environment on operations.

Citation: E. A. Kihn, A. J. Ridley, and M. Zhizhin (2007), The Space Weather Reanalysis, in: Materials of the International Conference '50th Anniversary of the International Geophysical Year and Electronic Geophysical Year', GC RAS, Moscow, doi:10.2205/2007-IGY50conf.

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