Russian Journal of Earth Sciences
Current Issue (Vol 19, No. 4, July–August 2019)


Geoecological aspects of stress-strain state modeling results of Leninsky coal deposit (Kuzbass, Russia)
A. I. Manevich, K. S. Kolikov, E. A. Egorova
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2019ES000663]      
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A combined analysis of geomagnetic data and cosmic ray secondaries for the September 2017 space weather event studies
Sidorov Roman, Anatoly Soloviev, Alexei Gvishiani, Viktor Getmanov, Mioara Mandea, Anatoly Petrukhin, Igor Yashin, Alexander Obraztsov
[Abstract]   [doi: 10.2205/2019ES000671]      
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