Latest Developments (19.06.1998)

To meet some potential users requests a new version 1.2 of the PROS is developed. It is free for noncommercial use, can be customized for any arbitrary journal and is accompanied with WWW based setup and configuration files. From demo pages you can see some basic elements of the system's interface.

This software was successfully tested under Windows NT 4.0 and Netscape Enterprise Server 2.01, and under Windows 95 and WebSite Pro 2.0 Server. In both cases Perl 5 interpreter (Perl5 for Win32) was used.

PROS - Peer-Review Online System

by Vitaly Nechitailenko


Important part of scientific publication process is the peer-review system. The Joint ICSU Press/UNESCO Expert Conference on Electronic Publishing in Science issued a special recommendation, which requests that "... strict peer review should be applied to all scientific materials submitted for publication in electronic journals."

Among the tools which are being developed for International Journal of Geomagnetism and Aeronomy (IJGA) electronic journal there is a special Peer-Review Online System (PROS), which has high enough level of security, producing on-fly generation of all documents in the system, depending on confirmed privileges of users (reviewers) and addresses of computers at user's end.

User's Profile

Only authorized access to the system is permitted. The system distinquish two types of users: reviewers, those who are registered in the system and have valid usernames and passwords, and managers, which are the registered users accessing the system from the predefined computers (identified by IP addresses).

Papers Under Review

Papers prepared for the online review process are loaded into the system. Structure of currently working version of the PROS for GMAI looks like:

WWW root
	GMAI-directory	GMAI Root Page
		Directories with published papers
		PEER-directory  PEER Root Page		
			Directories with reviewed papers	

Each paper are put in the separate directory with the same name as paper's identification code (GAInnmmm for GMAI, where nn - a year of acceptance for consideration, and mmm - unique number of paper). Each directory contains initial TeX version of the paper, HTML version, for which the same name is used with .htm extension, Postscript version of paper in reviewer's format and corresponding compressed Postscript and HPGL versions.

System Architecture

PROS has two main branches, Reviewer's Page and Manager's Page. After entering valid username and password the system brings user to the Peer-Review Page which is composed in different manner for reviewer and manager. Reviewer can see and work with papers assigned to him by the manager and can go to the Reviewer's Page, while manager can see and work with all papers loaded for review process and can go to the Reviewer's Page and to the Manager's Page as well. Except the initial page with the authentification form and Info page called from the latter, all other pages are generated on fly by the set of Perl scripts depending on current scenario and user's privileges.

Reviewer's Page

From this page reviewer can do the following:

Manager's Page

From the Manager's Page the following operations can be made:

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Updated on June 19, 1998