Volume 28, Number 1, August 1994
Russian Edition January -February 1994


Structural relations of the Siberian platform with its folded frame
G. L. Mitrofanov and A. P. Taskin

New proofs of plate tectonic theory
P. N. Kropotkin and V. H. Efremov

Glavny Ural fault in the northern Urals
G. A. Petrov and V. N. Puchkov

Lower Permian paleostructural units of the Timan-Pechora region
S. L. Belyakov

Tectonic delamination of oceanic crust in deepwater basins
A. I. Pilipenko

Tectonics of perioceanic basins
M. P. Antipov, S. L. Belyakov, Yu. M. Pushcharovsky, and A. Ye. Shleizinger

Heat flow dependence on the petrographic composition of oceanic lithosphere
Ye. V. Verzhbitsky, A. Ya. Gol'mshtok, and O. G. Sorokhtin

Tectonics of the eastern edge of Kamchatka's Sredinny metamorphic massif
V. P. Zinkevich, S. Yu. Kolodyazhny, L. G. Bragina, Ye. A. Konstantinovskaya, and P. I. Fedorov

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