Volume 28, Number 2, October 1994
Russian Edition March -April 1994


Lateral variations and evolution of orogenic volcanism in fold belts
A. M. Kurchavov

Geodynamics of volcanism in the Kurile Island Arc and assessment of magma generation models
G. P. Avdeyko

Tectonical structure and development of the Krivoy Rog ore region as a deep fault zone
A. V. Plotnikov

Ore-bearing potential of Early and Middle Paleozoic volcanic rocks in various geodynamic environments (the Urals)
E. A. Belgorodskiy

Active faults and recent geodynamics of Yakutian seismic belts
V. S. Imaev, L. P. Imaeva, and B. M. Koz'min

Tectonic breccia and thrust tectonics of the tertiary deposits in northwestern Peru
V. A. Bush, L. D. Vinogradov, and A. I. Titov

New data on the composition of metamorphic rocks of the Talovka River basin (the Penzhinsk region, northeastern Russia)
S. A. Silant`ev, S. D. Sokolov, and G. V. Polunin

Marina S. Naghibina's jubilee

Antonina Spiridonovna Novikova (1918 - 1993)

Georgiy Sergeevich Porshnyakov (1918-1993)

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