Volume 28, Number 3, December 1994
Russian Edition May -June 1994


Possible nature of major seismic boundaries in continental crust
S. N. Ivanov

Relict seismicity in the Alpine belt of Eurasia: Mode of occurrence
V. E. Khain and L. I. Lobkovskiy

Gabbro-amphibolites at the base of ophiolites in the Kempirsay massif, southern Urals: Petrologic and tectonic aspects of their formation
A. N. Pertsev and A. A. Savel'ev

The genesis of the Terny structure in the Krivoy Rog-Kremenchug basin
A. V. Plotnikov

Seismicity and deep tectonics of the Black Sea depression and its margins
A. V. Chekunov, B. G. Pustovitenko, and V. E. Kul'chitskiy

Compositional variations of oceanic basalts from the Mendocino fault, Pacific Ocean
E. N. Melankholina, S. M. Lyapunov, B. V. Baranov, M. V. Kononov, G. B. Rudnik, Kh. M. Saidova, L. V. Tikhonov, and O. A. Shmidt

Deformation of west Arabian plate due to strike-slip movements along the Levant fault
M. L. Kopp, Yu. G. Leonov, and Zh. Adzhamyan

Gravitational geodynamics in the intermontane basins of central Asia
A. N. Obukhov

Tectonic phases and cycles in the context of plate tectonics
V. N. Puchkov

Victor Efimovich Hain (80th Birthday)

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