Volume 28, Number 4, February 1995
Russian Edition July -August 1994


Romanche fracture zone: Structure, evolution, and geodynamics
A. S. Perfiliev, A. A. Peyve, Yu. M. Pushcharovskiy, Yu. N. Raznitsin, and N. N. Turko

Evolution of rifting volcanism in marginal seas of the western Pacific transition zone
Yu. V. Mironov and Yu. G. Zorina

Thrust and strike-slip zones in northern Russia
A. A. Mezhvilk

Transverse displacement in folded belts and structural patterns connected with them (Alpine-Himalayas belt)
M. L. Kopp

Zonation of the Uyanda-Yasachnen volcanic belt (northeast Asia) and its tectonic nature
E. F. Dylevskiy

Sedimentary cover structure in the eastern Azores-Gibraltar zone (the Horseshoe Basin)
V. N. Moskalenko and L. I. Kogan

Granite-metamorphic complex of the Bumbuger massif cover (Central Mongolia)
A. V. Rikhter, A. B. Dergunov, O. I. Lunev, and A. V. Ryazantzev

Do we need a tectonic code?
L. I. Krasnyi

The structure of the lithosphere revealed by reflected waves
Yu. G. Leonov

Conference on tectonics and metamorphism
Yu. V. Karyakin

In memory of academician Yurii Aleksandrovich Kosygin

In memory of Dmitrii Petrovich Rezvoi

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