Volume 28, Number 45, June 1995
Russian Edition November -December 1994


Three-dimensional geological model of the Earth's upper crust, the Kola ultradeep borehole and adjacent areas of the Kola Peninsula
M. V. Mints, V. N. Glaznev, and A. B. Rayevskiy

Structure of the Hatteras Abyssal Plain, Western Atlantic (as indicated by seismic data)
L. I. Kogan, R. R. Murzin, and A. S. Perfil'ev

Structure of aseismic ridges along the Mascarene-Australia geotraverse (Indian Ocean)
A. I. Pilipenko

Structural manifestations of horizontal compression in the southern Palmyrides (Syria)
M. L. Kopp, S. P. Sigachev, G. Adjamyan, F. Fakiani, and E. Khafez

The Recent Mangyshlak structure
V. V. Sholokhov and A. A. Nikonov

New approaches to modeling of a geologic medium
V. G. Talitskiy

On the tectonic nature of the junction zone of the East European craton and Mediterranean belt at the Baikal stage (regarding the paper by O. S. Stupka "Riphean greenschist belt in the southwestern and southern margins of the East European platform and its tectonic nature")
S. G. Rudakov

On the paper of V. P. Zinkevich, S. Yu. Kolodyazhnyy, L. G. Bragina, E. A. Konstantinovskaya, and P. I.Fedorov "Tectonics of the eastern edge of the mid-Kamchatka metamorphic massif"
M. N. Shapiro

60th Anniversary of Yurii Georgievich Leonov

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