Volume 29, Number 1, August 1995
Russian Edition January -February 1995


The 30th anniversary of the journal Geotectonics
Yu. M. Pushcharovsky

On three paradigms in Geology
Yu. M. Pushcharovsky

Correlation of tectonic events in the Mesozoic history of the northeastern Mediterranean
A. L. Knippyer and A. Ya. Sharas'kin

Compositional and structural transformations in the platform lithosphere as evidenced by xenoliths from magmatic rocks
Yu. S. Genshaft

Late Paleozoic collision of the Tarimskiy and Kirghiz-Kazakh paleocontinents
Yu. S. Biske

Structure of the southern termination of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (the Bouvet Triple Junction)
A. A. Peive, A. S. Perfil'ev, Yu. M. Pushcharovskii, V. A. Simonov, N. N. Turko, and Yu. N. Raznitsin

The Upper Cretaceous Achaivayamian-Valaginian volcanic arc and kinematics of the North Pacific plates
M. N. Shapiro

Structure of the metamorphic complex of the Central Kamchatka Massif
A. V. Rikhtyer

Seismotectonic dislocations in seismic belts of Yakutia
V. S. Imaev, L. P. Imaeva, and B. M. Koz'min

On a geodynamic model of the Alpino- Mediterranean belt (in connection with V. N. Sholpo's paper "Chaos and order in the structure of mobile belts")
M. L. Kopp and K. B. Syeslavinskiy

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