Volume 29, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March -April 1995

Tectonics and metamorphism

In our journal [Geotectonics, English Translation, No. 4, 1994], it was reported that in February of 1994, the Interdepartmental tectonic committee conducted a meeting on the problem "Tectonic and metamorphism." Below, we publish a series of reports presented at this meeting. These are the reports of O. M. Rozen, G. N. Savelieva et al., M. G. Leonov et al., M. A. Goncharov et al., and N. A. Bozhko. Part of these materials is also published in the journal Petrologiya.


Metamorphic effects of tectonic movements at the lower crust level: Proterozoic collision zones and terranes of the Anabar Shield
O. M. Rozen

Metamorphism in the history of ophiolites
G. N. Savelieva, A. A. Saveliev, and A. N. Pertsev

Plastic deformation and metamorphism
M. G. Leonov, S. Yu. Kolodyazhnyi, and A. Yu. Solov'ev

Deformational and chemical parageneses and structural and metamorphic zonation
M. A. Goncharov, V. G. Talitskiy, V. A. Galkin, and N. S. Frolova

Tectonothermal reworking as a typical endogene regime of the Precambrian
N. A. Bozhko

Structural position of the Malyi Naryn metamorphic complex as related to the problem of the boundary between the North and Median Tien Shan
A. V. Mikolaichuk, V. V. Kotov, and S. I. Kuzikov

Horizontal deformations of the East Caucasus by high-accuracy geodetic measurements
N. A. Kas'yanova, M. E. Abramova, and I. G. Gairabekov

Morphostructural parameters and stress-deformation state of the medium of seismic zones of the Tien Shan
M. Omuraliev and A. Korzhenkov

On the relationship of processes operating on the boundaries of lithospheric plates
V. E. Khain

Tectonic position of the Talysh mafic-ultramafic complex
A. D. Ismail-Zade, M. M. Veliev, M. M. Mamedov, and A. E. Bagirov

Scientific session of sections of the Interdepartmental Tectonic Committee
A. V. Luk'yanov

Mikhail Yevgen'evich Artemiev (1934-1994)

Solomon Markovich Til'man (1919-1994)

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