Volume 29, Number 4, February 1996
Russian Edition July -August 1995

[Shatskiy] In connection with the centennial birthday of Academician N. S. Shatskiy, a prominent geologist/tectonician, the Editorial Board made a request to scientists, winners of the prize in his name, to write papers for the special issue of the journal, dedicated to this memorable date. The following papers by R. G. Garyetskiy, S. V. Ruzhyentsyev, and A. A. Mossakovskiy, T. N. Khyeraskova, and A. S. Pyerfilyev, are their response to the Editorial Board's request.


Nikolay Syergyeyevich Shatskiy and the present time (in commemoration of his centennial birthday)
A. I. Suvorov

Aulacogens of North Eurasian platforms
R. G. Garetskiy

Geodynamics and tectonic evolution of the Central Asian Paleozoic structures as the result of the interaction between the Pacific and Indo-Atlantic segments of the Earth
S. V. Ruzhentsev and A. A. Mossakovskiy

Formational analysis and modern geodynamics
T. N. Kheraskova

Approaches to geodynamics in oceans
A. S. Perfil'ev

Tectonics of the Indian Ocean
Yu. M. Pushcharovskiy

Conference on the tectonics of sedimentary basins of North Eurasia
Yu. V. Karyakin

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