Volume 29, Number 5, April 1996
Russian Edition September -October 1995


Pulsation of the Earth
Ye. Ye. Milanovskii

Tectonics of the western Mongolian Salairides
S. V. Ruzhentsev and V. V. Burashnikov

The intraplate late Mesozoic-Cenozoic volcanic province in central east Asia as a projection of the mantle hot field
V. V. Yarmolyuk, V. I. Kovalenko, and V. G. Ivanov

On relations between the Baikal-Vitim, Aldan-Stanovoy, and Mongol-Okhotsk terranes (south of mid-Siberia)
G. S. Gusev and V. Ye. Khain

Structure, composition and tectonic significance of the Mesozoic Dhiarizos group (southwestern Cyprus)
A. Ya. Sharaskin, Yu. V. Karyakin, A. L. Knipper, and T. N. Kheraskova

Answer to M. N. Shapiro's comments on the paper "Tectonics of the eastern margin of the Central Kamchatka Massif of metamorphic rocks"
V. P. Zinkyevich

S. V. Ruzhentsev Is 60 Years Old

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