Volume 29, Number 6, June 1996
Russian Edition November -December 1995


Stresses in the lithosphere and intraplate tectonics
Yu. G. Leonov

On the time of formation of the Turkestan paleoocean crust
S. A Kurenkov and V. A. Aristov

Silurian island arc of the Urals: Structure, evolution, and geodynamics
R. G. Yazeva and V. V. Bochkarev

The inner Mesozoic to Eocene ocean of South and Central Iran and the associated microcontinents
G. J. H. McCall

Intraplate deformations in the northeastern Indian Ocean (from data obtained along the Mascarene-Australia geotraverse)
A. I. Pilipenko

Problems of Kamchatka seismotectonics in light of the tectonic flow concept
V. V. Gonchar

Folded nappe structure of the Belomorsk zone and its relation to the Karelian granite-greenstone belts
Yu. V. Miller and R. I. Mil'kevich

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Translated and loaded on September 16, 1996