Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 34, Number 1, August 1994
Russian Edition January -February 1994


Rotational discontinuities of nonlinear Alfven waves in the plasma of interplanetary space
I. V. Anisimova and V. R. Zemskov

Interplanetary magnetic field from measurements by the Phobos 2 spacecraft. 1. Heliogeophysical conditions and sector structure
V. A. Styazhkin, E. G. Eroshenko, and K. G. Ivanov

Forbush effect profiles and magnetic cycles of the Sun
I. S. Samsonov and Z. N. Samsonova

Propagation of solar cosmic rays with isotropic scattering by inhomogeneities of the interplanetary magnetic field
Yu. I. Fedorov and B. A. Shakhov

Numerical model of plasma motion in the high-latitude boundary layer and mantle for southward interplanetary magnetic field
N. V. Erkaev and A. V. Stolyarov

Discontinuities between day- and nighttime parts of the oval of discrete auroral forms
G. V. Starkov, Ya. I. Feldstein, and R. D. Elphinstone

Localization of the sources of Ps 6 magnetic variations relative to the inner edge of the plasma sheet
N. A. Zolotukhina and I. P. Kharchenko

Ionospheric trigger of magnetospheric disturbances
M. G. Gelberg

Energy balance in turbulent, weak-ionized ionospheric plasma
N. A. Dyatko, E. V. Mishin, and V. A. Telegin

Numerical modeling of features of the filling of plasma tubes
V. V. Klimenko, S. I. Shcherbak, and N. S. Natsvalyan

Variations of the nighttime trough position with longitude in winter and equinox conditions: A comparison
A. T. Karpachev, V. V. Afonin, and Ya. Shmilauer

Tweek formation peculiarities
B. S. Ryabov

Nonlinear perturbations in F region of ionosphere due to internal gravity waves
A. K. Nekrasov and S. L. Shalimov

Atmospherics with unusual dispersion
B. S. Ryabov, P. P. Belyayev, O. V. Kapustina, G. A. Mikhaylova, and V. S. Simonov

The peculiarities of the determination of effective frequency of electron collisions from the observations of the intenference field structure on the boundary of the dead zone
V. I. Vodolazkin, P. F. Denisenko, and G. A. Zhbankov

Asymmetry of atmospheric nuclear explosion effects in the ionosphere F region
V. V. Adushkin, K. I. Gorely, and V. P. Kudriavtzev

Structure and dynamics of traveling ionospheric disturbances from Doppler ionosonde data
V. P. Ivanov, V. L. Karvetskiy, and N. A. Koren'kova

Analysis of the semidiurnal variations in the thermospheric wind at altitudes of 85-120 km as calculated by the MSIS-83 model
I. V. Karpov and Yu. N. Korenkov

Seasonal variation of high-latitude geomagnetic field intensity in the northern hemisphere
Yu. R. Rivin and Z. Sh. Chkhaidze

Statistical dependences between the magnetic activity indices
G. V. Starkov

Some aspects of the analysis of geomagnetic field pulsations
A. V. Petlenko

Peculiarities of the F2 MOF diurnal variations at the subauroral antarctic radio line Bellinsgauzen-Molodezhnaya
A. S. Besprozvannaya, V. Ya. Vovk, A. Yu. Eliseev, V. M. Lukashin, I. V. Moskvin, and Ch. L. Khodzha-Akhmedov

Prompt estimation of the AE index exceeding 500 nT during the magnetic substorm
E. E. Goncharova, P. V. Kishcha, and V. M. Shashunkina

A method to determine a vertical profile of the atmospheric temperature using artificial periodical irregularities of the ionospheric plasma
V. V. Belikovich, E. A. Benediktov, and A. V.Tolmacheva

Evaluation of correlation between variations of absorption of cosmic noise and near-Earth atmospheric pressure in Antarctica
V. Ya. Vovk, L. V. Yegorova, and I. V. Moskvin

The influence of nonuniform ionospheric conductivity on the electric fields and currents in the midnight sector
M. A. Volkov and O. V. Martynenko

Filtering in the upper atmosphere of acoustic waves generated by earthquakes
V. G. Spitsyn and Yu. E. Taraschuk

Ne(h) profiles in the equatorial lower ionosphere at minimum and maximum solar activity
A. K. Kniazev, L. B. Vanina, L. V. Korneeva, and V. A. Avdeev

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