Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 34, Number 2, August 1994
Russian Edition March -April 1994


Alfven wave transport in the solar wind
N. A. Barkhatov

Pitch angle distributions of the Earth radiation belt ions. 1. A stationary model for the dipole magnetic field region
A. S. Kovtyukh and V. F. Bashkirov

Pitch angle distributions of the Earth radiation belt ions. 2. A model for the geostationary orbit
V. F. Bashkirov, A. S. Kovtyukh, and M. I. Panasyuk

Pitch angle distributions of the Earth radiation belts ions. 3. A mathematical model for realistic magnetic field
V. F. Bashkirov and A. S. Kovtyukh

Electrodynamics of the upper atmosphere and radio aurora in the northern polar cap
A. V. Kustov, L. I. Gromova, Ya. I. Feldstein, A. E. Levitin, D. Danskin, J. Koehler, G. Sofko, and M. McKibben

The auroras motion and the electric field on substorm preliminary phase
V. L. Zverev, M. I. Pudovkin, and G. D. Starkov

Electric fields in the magnetosphere and energetic characteristics of the auroral substorm active phase
T. A. Kornilova, M. I. Pudovkin, and G. V. Starkov

Statistical characteristics of the signals from ground-based detectors of cosmic rays at the stations Apatity, Oulu, and Lomnitsky Peak
V. K. Roldugin, E. V. Vashenyuk, H. Kananen, and K. Kudela

Low-frequency wave and mass spectrometric measurements at Intercosmos 24 satellite
Yu. M. Mikhailov, O. V. Kapustina, V. A. Ershova, O. Z. Roste, Yu. A. Shulchishin, V. A. Kochnev, and Ya. Shmilauer

Dynamics of radio aurora during substorm disturbances (altitude distribution)
S. V. Antipin, I. N. Vasil'ev, and V. A. Shaftan

Annual variations of the regular noon absorption
P. V. Kishcha and V. M. Lukashkin

Precipitating soft corpuscle influence on parameters of the ionosphere E and F regions in the cusp region
V. S. Mingalev, V. N. Krivilev, and G. I. Mingaleva

Energy characteristics of short wave radio scattering by the inhomogeneity caused in the ionosphere by a moving stationary plasma source
A. M. Kulikov

Estimations of the magnitudes of poststorm effects caused by fluxes of precipitating magnetospheric electrons when VLF signals propagate along midlatitude traces
S. N. Sokolov, Yu. V. Shtennikov, A. B. Orlov, and A. E. Pronin

Relationship of radio reflections from meteor trails to the Es layer
R. G. Minullin and V. I. Nazarenko

The lower ionosphere response to conductivity variations in the nearsurface atmosphere
S. I. Martinenko, I. M. Fuks, and R. S. Shubova

ELF-signal anomalies as a response of the lower ionosphere to conductivity change in the atmosphere
J. M. Fuks and R. S. Shubova

Peculiarities in magnetic field variations caused by equatorial electrojet and Sq-system at South-East Asia
N. M. Rotanova, Y. P. Tsvetkov, Khoang Chong Lee, and Chyong Kuang Khao

Short-time increases in muon intensity, correlating with solar flares measured at Baksan underground scintillation telescope
E. N. Alekseev and S. N. Karpov

Dependence of irregular geomagnetic Pi 2 pulsations on parameters of the interplanetary magnetic field
A. V. Sobolev

Large proportional counters for registration of cosmic rays
V. L. Yanchukovskiy

Atmospheric transparency variations caused by cosmic rays
V. K. Roldugin and E. V. Vashenyuk

Aurora influence on the vertical motions of the polar atmosphere
N. N. Bogdanov and S. V. Leontyev

Self-averaging of the field scattered by artificial periodic structure in the ionosphere with turbulent motions
V. G. Lapin

On nonstationary fluxes of super thermal electrons
V. A. Litvinov

Solar terminator effects in the midlatitude D region and in characteristics of partially reflected
A. M. Gokov and A. I. Gritchin

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