Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 34, Number 3, October 1994
Russian Edition May -June 1994


Sudden commencements of geomagnetic storms and the conditions in solar wind
G. A. Makarov

Correlation of gravitational and magnetic anomalies in the equatorial zone
V. N. Lugovenko, V. P. Pronin, and Chyong Kuang Hao

Magnetic gradient measurements in the stratosphere and geophysical interpretation of the resulting data
Yu. P. Tsvetkov, N. M. Rotanova, S. D. Odintsov, A. V. Pchelkin, and V. A. Belkin

Estimates of electron concentration in artificial plasma cloud release into the ionosphere
V. I. Badin and Yu. V. Dumin

Influence of auroral proton precipitations on propagation of short radio waves in wintertime polar ionosphere
V. S. Mingalev, M. I. Orlova, V. N. Krivilev, and G. I. Mingaleva

Study of effects of geomagnetic activity in high-latitude ionospheric convection model
V. Y. Zakharov

Determination of the molecular nitrogen vibrational temperature in the auroral region using intensity measurements of the N2+ ion first negative band system
A. V. Pavlov

Seismic and anthropogenic activity effects in the nighttime sporadic E layer of the ionosphere
Y. V. Liperovskaya, N. Christakis, V. A. Liperovskiy, and M. A. Oleinik

Correlation of strong earthquakes with radiation belt particle flux variations
E. A. Ginzburg, A. B. Malishev, I. P. Proshkina, and V. P. Pustovetov

Forecasting model of the high-latitude ionosphere
V. I. Chernishev and M. S. Zabolotskiy

Spectral characteristics of model representation of geomagnetic pulsations data
A. V. Petlenko

Mathematical model of the auroral boundaries
G. V. Starkov

Wave disturbances in the high-latitude ionosphere during a substorm
D. V. Blagoveschensky and N. F. Blagoveschenskaya

Response of the atmospheric electric field to variations in conductivity of the atmospheric layer
E. M. Dmitriev and S. V. Anisimov

Powerful radio wave decay into upper hybrid or electron-cyclotron and lower hybrid plasma waves
N. I. Budko and V. V. Vaskov

Generalized transfer equation for cosmic rays
V. S. Danilova

Cyclic variations of solar proton activity and solar proton events
M. N. Nazarova, N. K. Pereyaslova, and I. E. Petrenko

Moving radiation belts in the outer heliosphere
I. S. Veselovskiy

Correlation functions of the secular geomagnetic variation
M. Yu. Reshetnyak, O. V. Pilipenko, B. G. Zinchenko, and T. I. Zvereva

Ionospheric effects of space vehicle launches
K. I. Gorely, V. K. Lampei, and A. V. Nikolsky

On the accuracy of theoretical modeling of the ionosphere F2 region parameters under quiet and geomagnetic storm conditions
A. V. Pavlov

Equatorial boundary of the high-latitude F spread in the outer ionosphere
N. A. Kochenova and M. D. Fligel

On peculiarities of variations in the virtual heights of reflection during transient hours of the day
A. A. Bezotosnyi, V. I. Drobzhev, V. M. Somsikov, A. G. Askarov, and V. A. Belyaev

An analysis of ionospheric disturbance diurnal variation by nonequilibrium dynamics methods
A. A. Bezotosnyi and V. M. Somsikov

Geomagnetic field intensity from the 3rd Century B.C. to the 6th Century A.D. in Termez (Uzbekistan)
I. E. Nachasova and K. S. Burakov

On calculation of sources of heating of electrons in He+-containing plasmasphere
S. V. Tanygin, A. A. Chernov, and G. V. Khazanov

MHD fluctuations in the vicinity of bow shock and Pc 3-4 geomagnetic pulsations
V. S. Danilova and A. V. Sobolev

Dynamics of SE-type emission before intense proton flares on the Sun
B. V. Dovbnya, O. D. Zotov, B. I. Klain, and N. A. Kurazhovskaya

Precession of heliospheric current sheet axis during the solar activity cycle determined from geomagnetic data
N. Ya. Vanyarkha

Data on long-standing records of cosmic rays and analysis of neutron monitor efficiencies from 1953 to 1991
A. V. Belov, R. T. Gushchina, and I. V. Sirotina

The problem of the so-called causal analysis and its application to the study of experimental data
B. S. Svetov

Response to paper of B. S. Svetov, "The problem of the so-called causal analysis and its application to the study of experimental data"
S. M. Korotaev

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