Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 34, Number 5, April 1995
Russian Edition September -October 1994

Proceedings of the 20-th Annual European Meeting on Atmospheric Studies by Optical Methods

(September 14-18, 1993; Apatity, Russia)

This issue contains mainly the papers on aeronomy that were presented at the meeting.

The Conference program involved 9 sessions:


Region of cusp-like precipitation in dayside high latitudes during steady magnetospheric line convection
I. Despirak, A. Lubchich, A. Yahnin, Yu. I. Galperin, S. Vennerstrom, O. Aulamo, and J. Craven

Auroral dynamics and magnetospheric disturbances near the synchronous orbit in the afternoon sector
T. V. Kozelova and L. L. Lazutin

The investigation of field-aligned current generation during injection of plasma jet into the magnetosphere
B. G. Gavrilov, A. I. Podgorny, I. M. Podgorny, and J. Y. Zetzer

The origin of fast electron precipitation in the polar atmosphere
A. I. Podgorny, I. M. Podgorny, and S. Minami

Diagnostics of spatiotemporal parameters of the auroral ionosphere using optical and low-frequency electromagnetic data
D. B. Zaitsev, Yu. P. Novikov, V. R. Tagirov, and S. A. Chernous

Spatiotemporal variations in pulsed auroral spots and their relation to very low frequency emissions of the choir type
A. A. Mironov, Yu. P. Novikov, E. E. Titova, T. A. Yakhnina, V. R. Tagirov, S. A. Chernous, V. I. Salin, Yu. Manninen, and T. Turunen

Narrow-band extremely low frequency emissions and auroral disturbances
V. S. Smirnov, E. E. Titova, and T. A. Yahnina

Correlating optical emissions, quasi-periodic very low frequency emission, and magnetic Pc 3 pulsations
J. Manninen, T. Turunen, J. Kultima, and E. Titova

The equatorward auroral boundary determined from IK-Bulgaria 1300 satellite measurements
K. D. Kanev, B. D. Mendeva, and D. G. Krastev

Photometric system for active experiments in space plasma
D. G. Krastev, N. P. Petkov, K. D. Kanev, T. P. Tanev, and G. K. Hristov

Observations of stable auroral red arcs (SAR arcs) in Yakutia
V. N. Alexeyev and I. B. Ievenko

Complex photometric, interferometric, and ionospheric measurements in the SAR arc observation region
V. N. Alexeyev, I. B. Ievenko, V. A. Yugov, V. M. Ignatyev, and V. L. Khalipov

Proton aurora on the dayside
F. Sigernes, G. Fasel, C. S. Deehr, R. W. Smith, D. A. Lorentzen, L. T. Wetjen, and K. Henriksen

Excitation of the Lyman-Birge-Hopfield bands by proton precipitation
Z. V. Dashkevich, B. V. Kozelov, and V. E. Ivanov

Simplified algorithm for precise calculation of spatial distributions in combined electron-proton-hydrogen atom aurora
B. V. Kozelov, V. E. Ivanov, and T. I. Sergienko

Calculation of H\beta emission in aurora: Comparison with observations
B. V. Kozelov

Ozone disturbance by internal gravity wave in shear flow and possible observational appearance
T. L. Erukhimova and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts

Record ozone minimum over middle and high latitudes of the northern hemisphere during winter to spring season 1992-1993
R. D. Bojkov, C. S. Zerefos, D. S. Balis, I. C. Ziomas, and A. F. Bais

Ground-based ozone data relevant for the Airborne Arctic Stratospheric Expedition campaign in 1989
K. Henriksen, S. H. H. Larsen, O. I. Shumilov, and B. Thorkelsson

Ozone depletion over Antarctica during October 1989 events
I. V. Kuznetsov, A. F. Andriyanov, S. Yu. Dryagin, L. M. Kukin, A. B. Mazoor, O. S. Mocheneva, and P. L. Nikiforov

Microwave monitoring of stratospheric ozone over Nizhny Novgorod
Yu. Yu. Kulikov, L. I. Fedoseev, A. A. Krasil'nikov, V. G. Ryskin, and V. N. Shanin

Surface ozone investigations at Tromso and in Svalbard using a Russian and an American type ozonometer
A. Theodorsen, S. Bersas, H. Ornes, K. Henriksen, and V. Sirota

Microwave observations of stratospheric ozone in Kiruna
Yu. Yu. Kulikov, I. V. Kuznetsov, V. P. Pegeev, V. G. Ryskin, E. V. Suvorov, A. Steen, and G. Witt

Total ozone values and sulfur dioxide content in Murmansk
V. C. Roldugin

Vertical ozone simulation in the middle atmosphere
C. A. Varotsos

Total ozone variations over Greece as deduced from satellite observations
C. A. Varotsos and A. P. Cracknell

Some results of water vapor, ozone, and aerosol balloon measurements during the EASOE campaign
V. Khattatov, V. Yushkov, M. Khaplanov, I. Zaitzev, J. Rosen, and N. Kjome

On the dependence of the global ozone long-term trend on the solar constant variation
E. I. Terez and G. A. Terez

Some results of 3-D aurora reconstruction based on single TV images and height profiles of brightness
V. S. Davydov and V. V. Pivovarov

Local MR 12 rocket environment glow and its influence on rocket-borne atmospheric optical studies
V. V. Pivovarov

Model of the Vibrational kinetics of CO2 in the upper atmosphere
B. F. Gordiets, A. N. Stepanovich, K. U. Grossmann, and K. H. Vollmann

Analytical expression of the probability of occurrence of noctilucent clouds and polar mesospheric clouds from mesospheric temperature measurement data
E. G. Nazarova

Peculiarities of cloud dynamics in the Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite Caribbean releases in the ionosphere (optical data)
G. P. Milinevsky, A. M. Evtushevsky, S. N. Zaitsev, and Yu. A. Romanovsky

Improved numerical method for solving inverse problems of atmospheric optics
O. V. Dubovik, S. L. Oshchepkov, and T. V. Lapyonok

Measurements of lunar and solar ultraviolet spectra at high latitudes
T. Svenoe, M. Olsen, K. Henriksen, and K. Stamnes

Detection of dust particle layers at 60-90 km altitude by a rocket-borne spectropolarimeter
V. A. Brasletov, V. S. Davydov, V. V. Kazansky, and V. N. Khokhlov

Solar UVB measurements with a double-monochromator Brewer spectrophotometer
A. F. Bais, C. S. Zerefos, and K. Tourpali

A wide spectral range IR Fourier transform spectrometer for atmospheric research from spacecraft
G. G. Gorbunov, V. N. Iljuhin, A. P. Economov, and B. E. Moshkin

The trigger phase of magnetospheric substorms
R. J. Pellinen, T. I. Pulkkinen, A. Huuskonen, K. Kauristie, H. J. Opgenoorth, W. J. Heikkila, and M. Pudovkin

Dynamics of the auroral oval during moderate substorms
K. Kauristie, T. I. Pulkkinen, and R. J. Pellinen

Use of Helmholtz resonator for enhancement of photoacoustic signals
P. I. Domnin

A combined system for the attitude control of spinning geophysical rockets
A. V. Afonin and V. S. Davydov

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