Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 34, Number 6, June 1995
Russian Edition November -December 1994


The influence of disappearing solar filaments on the near-Earth interplanetary medium density and geomagnetic activity
K. G. Ivanov and A. F. Kharshiladze

Proton injection at 6.6 RE during the early evening hours and the events associated with it
T. V. Kozelova and L. L. Lazutin

The influence of linear damping of waves on the space-time spectra of density fluctuations in the Sun's hypercorona
I. V. Chashey

Shipboard experiments to study high-latitude ionospheric fine structure in the cleft and cusp region
N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, V. A. Yeregin, Yu. I. Komolov, and L. T. Metlyaev

Some results of a statistical study of morphological properties of Ps6 geomagnetic pulsations
N. A. Zolotukhina and I. P. Kharchenko

Generation of short-period geomagnetic pulsations in the ionospheric gyrotropic layer by a cosmic source of ionizing radiation
L. P. Gorbachev, L. V. Levakhina, A. Yu. Matronchik, K. S. Mozgov, and T. A. Semyonova

Comparison of the international reference ionosphere with rocket measurements
A. D. Danilov and N. V. Smirnova

Ionospheric D-region studies using artificial periodic irregularities
V. V. Belikovich and N. P. Goncharov

On argon emission in the upper atmosphere
N. N. Shefov

Manifestation of solar-ionospheric and geomagnetic-ionospheric effects in long series of foE critical frequency observations
L. A. Antonova, G. S. Ivanov-Kholodny, and V. E. Chertoprud

The effect of ionospheric irregularities on propagation of the upper rays and radio waves at frequencies higher than the classical MUF
A. I. Agaryshev

Phenomenological model of background variations of the magnetospheric ring current
Yu. R. Rivin

Excitation and ionization of the low density air by fast electrons
V. P. Konovalov, A. Yu. Repin, and Ye. L. Stupitskiy

A Forbush-effect influence on the regime of the atmospheric electricity wind generation in the Arctic
A. V. Gulielmi, F. Z. Feigin, and A. O. Pokhotelov

Internal gravity wave collapse in the two-dimensional inhomogeneous atmosphere (Part 1)
N. S. Yerokhin, A. K. Nekrasov, and S. L. Shalimov

Interhemispherical links between the fields of wave disturbances of the wind velocity in the mid-latitude low thermosphere
A. N. Fahrutdinova and O. G. Khutorova

On the relation between the quasi-biennial oscillations of the Es-layer variations and of meteorological characteristics of the neutral atmosphere in a solar cycle
L. V. Yegorova

Separation of the magnetic field into external and internal parts at the surface of prolate spheroid
V. P. Golovkov and T. I. Zvereva

Description of the probability density of amplitudes of decametric signals vertically reflected from ionospheric F layer
P. F. Denisenko, V. V. Sotskiy, Yu. N. Fayer, and N. Ye. Sheydakov

Experimental studies of the propagation path effect on detection of radiation from the worldwide thunderstorm centers
G. I. Druzhin and V. I. Kozlov

Letters Remarks on the paper by A. O. Ovchinnikov "Calculation of excitation of an alfvenic ionospheric resonator by electric and magnetic dipoles. 1"
G. V. Rudenko

On the remarks by G. V. Rudenko about the work of A. O. Ovchinnikov "Calculation of excitation of an ionospheric alfvenic resonator by electric and magnetic dipoles. 1"
A. O. Ovchinnikov

On a possible mechanism for generation of geomagnetic pulsations by solar flare gamma rays
A. Yu. Matronchik

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