Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 1, August 1995
Russian Edition January -February 1995


Precession of planets and generation of their magnetic fields (a review)
Sh. Sh. Dolginov

Radio maps of the solar wind transitional region
N. A. Lotova, K. V. Vladimirskiy, V. V. Fomichev, I. Yu. Yurovskaya, O. A. Korelov, and Ya. V. Pisarenko

On a thermoconducting model of the solar wind
A. S. Kutuzov and I. V. Chashey

A method of interpretation of temporal profiles of solar cosmic ray intensity
M. F. Bakhareva

The Kelvin-Helmholtz instability for a velocity profile with a sharp bend
M. G. Gudkov

Electric field in the polar cap at the large interplanetary magnetic field values
N. P. Dmitrieva and M. I. Pudovkin

Dynamics of midlatitude ionospheric trough during storms. 1. A qualitative picture
M. G. Deminov, A. T. Karpachev, V. V. Afonin, S. K. Annakuliev, and Ya. Shmilauer

Improvements of the ion composition model in the international reference ionosphere (IRI)
A. D. Danilov and N. V. Smirnova

Latitudinal behavior of the regular noon absorption
P. V. Kishcha, I. V. Krasheninnikov, and V. M. Lukashkin

Detection of VLF and ELF waves excited in the ionosphere by high-power short-wave radio radiation of the Sura facility by the Intercosmos 24 satellite
V. V. Vas'kov, N. I. Bud'ko, O. V. Kapustina, G. P. Komrakov, A. N. Maresov, Yu. M. Mikhailov, I. S. Prutenskiy, N. A. Ryabova, and G. L. Gdalevich

Studies of the artificially disturbed ionospheric D region by the partial reflection method
V. V. Belikovich, E. A. Benediktov, and V. D. Viakhirev

Radio tomographic cross sections of the subauroral ionosphere along the Moscow-Arkhangelsk corridor
V. N. Oraevskiy, V. E. Kunitsyn, Yu. Ya. Ruzkin, E. S. Andreeva, A. Kh. Depueva, E. F. Kozlov, O. G. Razinkov, and I. I. Shagimuratov

Influence of the terminator on the waveguide parameters of ELF wave propagation
S. G. Dolgopolov

Reconstruction of heliospheric current sheet configuration from geomagnetic data since 1926
N. Ya. Vanyarkha

Geomagnetic thresholds of cosmic rays in the magnetic field of Tsyganenko's magnetosphere model at midlatitudes
M. I. Tyasto and O. A. Danilova

A method for estimating solar flare induced X ray radiation fluxes in the range 1-8 A
V. A. Mullayarov, N. N. Murzaeva, and V. I. Shapaev

On a choice of the ionospheric disturbance indices
I. D. Kozin, V. I. Kozin, and I. N. Fedulina

Analytical model of variations of f0F2 during substorm periods in the nighttime ionosphere
E. E. Goncharova, P. V. Kishcha, and V. M. Shashun'kina

An estimation of the time of predictability of turbulence in the turbopause region
Yu. Sh. Karadjaev and B. B. Pirniyazov

Plasma noise caused by the action of a powerful radio wave on the ionospheric F layer from the APEKS satellite data
V. V. Vas'kov, G. P. Komrakov, V. N. Oraevskiy, I. S. Prutenskiy, S. A. Pulinets, A. Kiraga, and Z. Klos

Dynamics of the integral state of the E-F valley from vertical-incidence sounding ionograms
D. E. Zachateyskiy, Yu. K. Postoev, and B. V. Troitskiy

On the possibility of determining the terminator width in the D region of the ionosphere by Doppler method
B. T. Zhumabaev, I. D. Kozin, A. D. Kolodin, V. M. Somsikov, B. A. Turkeeva, and I. N. Fedulina

Effects of substorms from ionograms of oblique sounding of ionosphere in September 1989
G. S. Bochkarev, L. V. Egorova, Yu. N. Komolov, I. A. Nasyrov, T. N. Soboleva, and I. A. Shumilov

Electron concentration and meteorological parameter variations in the ionospheric D region at Molodezhnaia Station during the proton events in October 1989
L. B. Vanina, G. A. Kokin, and A. K. Kniazev

Dynamics of equatorial counter electrojet caused by interplanetary magnetic field
L. Z. Sizova

Association between diurnal variation in VLF phase at auroral path and geomagnetic index Ap
V. P. Kiscshuk, S. G. Marchenko, and S. N. Sokolov

An efficient procedure for calculation of photoionization rates
V. M. Uvarov

Long-term variations of the dynamical regime at 90-100 km above Central Europe and Eastern Siberia
V. F. Petrukhin

Luiza Moiseyevna Fishkova

Aleksandr Sergeyevich Bol'shakov

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