Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March-April 1995


Dynamics of ions and induced reconnection in a thin plasma sheet
A. P. Kropotkin and V. I. Domrin

The effect of the equatorial ionospheric electrojet on the dynamics of trapped particles in the inner radiation belt
S. N. Kuznetsov and K. Kudela

Characteristics of Pc 1-2 and IPDP geomagnetic pulsations during formation of airglow undulations on the equatorward boundary of diffuse auroras in the evening sector
D. G. Baishev and S. I. Solov'ev

Propagation of electromagnetic field disturbances caused by acoustic-gravity waves into the magnetically conjugate ionosphere
A. I. Pogorel'tsev

On propagation of short period pulsations in the magnetosphere
O. A. Mal'tseva

Spatial adaptation of the global model of ionospheric electron concentration using navigation satellite signals received at one measurement point
V. F. Pushin, V. N. Fedorenko, and Yu. P. Fedorenko

Spectrum production and acceleration of particles responsible for diffuse aurorae
Yu. A. Romashchenko and P. D. Reshetnikov

Ionospheric parameter variations related to the dayside current vortices
V. G. Vorob'yev, T. A. Khviyusova, and Yu. P. Mal'tsev

Some characteristics of propagation of flare-induced flows in the solar wind
M. I. Pudovkin, S. A. Zaitseva, and S. P. Bogdanova

Empirical model of the F1-layer development parameter
L. A. Shchepkin, G. M. Kuznetsov, and G. P. Kushnarenko

Diagnostics of atmospheric waves in the lower ionosphere using heaters
V. O. Rapoport, S. N. Mityakov, and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts

Atmospheric turbulence influence on relaxation of the signals, scattered by the artificial periodic irregularities
V. V. Belikovich and E. A. Benediktov

Temperature variations in the high-latitude thermosphere during a substorm
Yu. N. Koren'kov, F. S. Bessarab, and V. V. Klimenko

The results of an investigation of high-frequency radio signal field intensity on the Moscow-Atlantic path
Ch. L. Khodja-Akhmedov

Solar activity, atmospheric circulation, and flow rate of the Volga River
A. D. Sytinskiy and A. N. Postnikov

The effect of lower thermosphere dynamics on the occurrence of a sporadic E layer
A. D. Akchurin, E. Yu. Zykov, N. A. Makarov, R. G. Minullin, Yu. I. Portnyagin, and O. N. Sherstyukov

Second residuals of yearly averages from magnetic observatory data
Yu. R. Rivin

Recurrence index of planetary geomagnetic activity and its connection with the solar rotation
A. E. Levitin, V. N. Obridko, T. E. Val'chuk, S. A. Golyshev, and L. A. Dremukhina

Reconstruction of characteristics of traveling ionospheric disturbances from records of decameter radiation of the Sun
O. F. Tyrnov and A. A. Stanislavsky

Galactic cosmic ray intensity variations associated with the interplanetary magnetic field geometry
I. S. Samsonov and Z. N. Samsonova

On the Hall currents at the bow shock wave
V. S. Danilova

Empirical modeling of the ionospheric behavior during global magnetic storms
A. Yu. Eliseyev, A. S. Besprozvannaya, and T. I. Shchuka

Scattering on the current sheet as a possible mechanism of auroral proton precipitation
B. B. Gvozdevskiy and V. A. Sergeyev

Longitudinal variations in the summer ionosphere of the southern hemisphere
N. A. Kochenova and V. N. Shubin

Probability of screening and absence of screening by the E layer for the overlying ionospheric layers
S. N. Moiseyev

Study on possibilities of local adaptation for global model of electron concentration of the ionosphere
L. B. Volkova, V. F. Pushin, and Yu. P. Fedorenko

Ionospheric effects of atmospheric nuclear explosions at different geomagnetic activity levels
V. V. Adushkin and K. I. Gorelyi

Anisotropy of thermal neutrons in the Earth's atmosphere
B. M. Kuzhevskiy, O. Yu. Nechayev, and P. I. Shavrin

Paleostrength of geomagnetic field and kinetic energy of Earth's diurnal rotation
Yu. D. Kalinin

Estimation of effect of listing deviation on measuring accuracy of geomagnetic field components on a low-magnetic ship
V. A. Blednov and A. G. Korobeynikov

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