Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 3, December 1995
Russian Edition May -June 1995


Meteorological effects in the ionosphere: A review
E. S. Kazimirovsky and V. D. Kokourov

Solar sources of interplanetary shocks in 1978
K. G. Ivanov

Vortex electric field distribution in the magnetotail during the substorm active phase
T. A. Kornilova, G. V. Starkov, M. V. Mal'kov, and M. I. Pudovkin

Substorm-induced pulsed particle precipitations in the SAR arc region
I. B. Ievenko

Auroral dynamics in the equatorial edge region of the auroral zone
M. I. Pudovkin, S. A. Zaitseva, T. A. Kornilova, and R. I. Pellinen

Studies of space and time structure of internal gravity waves in the lower ionosphere by heating facilities
V. O. Rapoport, L. F. Mironenko, S. N. Mityakov, and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts

On conditions of occurrence of the Post-Rosenbluth instability in the high-latitude ionosphere
V. D. Tereshchenko

Features of decametric radio wave propagation in the main ionospheric trough region
D. V. Blagoveshchenskiy and T. D. Borisova

Ionospheric storm negative phase model at middle latitudes
V. N. Shubin and S. K. Anakuliev

Analysis of wind horizontal component longitudinal variations derived from an empirical thermospheric model
I. V. Karpov, Yu. N. Koren'kov, and N. M. Naumova

Intermittent and fluctuating radio noise from the summer auroral ionosphere
S. I. Musatenko and A. A. Sukhoy

Total ozone content variations above mountains
A. D. Danilov, E. S. Kazimirovsky, B. A. de la Morena, and M. Gil

Different determinations of entropy in causal analysis of geophysical processes and their application to electromagnetic induction in sea streams
S. M. Korotaev

Regressive calculation of geomagnetic variations in the ocean
S. M. Korotaev, V. O. Serdyuk, and M. O. Sorokin

Archaeointensity of the geomagnetic field in the fifth millennium B.C. in northern Mesopotamia
I. E. Nachasova and K. S. Burakov

Space factor influence on polar stratosphere baric field perturbations
A. S. Besprozvannaia, G. I. Ol', O. A. Troshichev, T. I. Shchuka, B. A. Sazonov, and I. A. Shcherba

Optimization of models of the ring current injection function
P. K. Ivanova

Intensification of Pc 4 geomagnetic pulsations under quiet magnetospheric conditions
O. V. Bol'shakova, O. K. Borovkova, V. A. Troitskaya, and N. G. Kleimenova

Long-period pulsations accompanying intense X ray flares
B. V. Dovbnya, V. A. Parkhomov, and R. A. Rakhmatulin

Temporal characteristics of F region wave-type irregularities from Doppler measurements at Moscow station
V. Kh. Depuev

On the effect of internal gravity waves on hydroxyl emission
V. I. Krassovsky

Prediction of natural ozone concentration variations on the basis of cosmic ray intensity data
I. D. Kozin, I. N. Fedulina, and B. D. Chakenov

Diurnal electron density dynamics in the lower auroral ionosphere from VLF sounding data
M. I. Beloglazov, G. P. Beloglazova, and V. I. Ivanov

The effect of pumping wave power on the spectrum of an oblique incidence sounding signal at a short-range midlatitude path
N. V. Bakhmet'eva, V. N. Bubukina, Yu. A. Ignat'ev, and P. B. Shavin

Climatic trend dynamics of the midlatitude ionospheric E region
G. V. Givishvili and L. N. Leshchenko

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