Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 4, February 1996
Russian Edition July -August 1995


Rotation of the interplanetary magnetic field: Discrete modes and their evolution
D. V. Yerofeev

Steady state pitch angle distributions of radiation belt protons in a high-dissipation region
V. F. Bashkirov and A. S. Kovtyukh

Emission and propagation of Alfven waves in the solar wind flux
N. A. Barkhatov and N. S. Bellyustin

Equilibrated plasma configurations in the dipole magnetic field
Yu. A. Romashchenko, G. F. Krymsky, and P. D. Reshetnikov

Long-period geomagnetic pulsations and fluctuations of the atmospheric electric field intensity at the polar cusp latitudes
N. G. Kleimenova, S. Michnovsky, N. N. Nikiforova, O. V. Kozyreva, and S. Michnovsky

Ionic sound instability of ionospheric plasma conjugated with the ring current of the Earth
O. A. Gorbachev and A. A. Trukhan

Simultaneous ground-based observations of 630 nm emission and space measurements of electron temperature in SAR arc area
V. N. Alekseyev, I. B. Iyevenko, and V. V. Afonin

Diagnostics of the ionosphere and atmosphere at the E region altitudes, using artificial periodical inhomogeneities
V. V. Belikovich, E. A. Benediktov, N. P. Goncharov, and A. V. Tolmacheva

Calculation of the altitude profile of emission intensity at 391.4 nm in D and E regions during the electron precipitation
L. V. Zelenkova, S. N. Khvorostovskiy, and V. A. Soldatov

Ionospheric E and F region response to winter magnetospheric disturbances
G. S. Ivanov-Kholodny, V. E. Chertoprud, and V. M. Shashun'kina

Nighttime ionization in the D region obtained from to the data of the electron concentration profile rocket measurements
A. K. Knyazev, A. V. Avdeev, B. L. Vanina, and L. V. Korneeva

Interpretation of the auroral luminosity measurements and ionospheric composition atmospheric by rocket and satellite experiments on March 20, 1974
V. V. Lobzin and A. V. Pavlov

Interpretation of probability distributions for electromagnetic field strength in the ocean
S. M. Korotaev

Multifactor control of the radio wave absorption processes in the ionosphere above Irkutsk in winter
G. V. Vergasova and E. S. Kazimirovsky

A Barium cloud in the polarization jet
M. G. Gel'berg

Energy spectra of heavy nuclei inside the Earth's magnetosphere
D. G. Baranov, Yu. F. Gagarin, V. A. Dergachev, A. P. Lobakov, V. A. Lukin, V. I. Lyagushin, A. V. Solov'ev, and E. A. Yakubovskiy

Solar activity dependence of the total solar extreme ultraviolet flux
V. N. Shubin, M. G. Deminov, E. B. Nepomniaschaia, and V. A. Chizhenkov

Anisotropy of the cosmic rays in 1992-1993
G. V. Skripin and V. P. Mamrukova

Dependence of the graphic representation of the heliomagnetic field on the surface of the source on the method of averaging
K. G. Ivanov and A. F. Kharshiladze

Variations in brightness of diffuse aurorae at the substorm growth phase
V. A. Velichko, D. Yu. Zakharov, and G. V. Borisov

On the mechanism of the additional enhancement of EUV emission of solar proton flares
L. A. Antonova and A. A. Nusinov

Frequency-time parameters of geomagnetic pulsations with periods of 1-30 minutes
A. N. Zaytsev and V. V. Ivanov

Wavelike structure of longitudinal variations of the nighttime equatorial anomaly
G. F. Deminova

Transverse cross section of ionization irregularities of the wall type in the high-latitude ionosphere
N. P. Danilkin, S. V. Zhuravlev, L. P. Morozova, and V. I. Pogorelov

Interpretation of diurnal variations in the main parameters of the ionospheric F2 region from the data of Millstone Hill during the magnetic storm on September 30, 1969
A. V. Pavlov

Latitude location of the source of the ionospheric short-term terminator disturbances
V. P. Vasilyev

Height structure of intraannual variations in circulation of the midlatitude lower thermosphere
A. N. Fahrutdinova and R. A. Ishmuratov

Yakov Iosifovich Likhter (1914-1995)

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