Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 5, March 1996
Russian Edition September -October 1995


Transport of open field lines along the magnetospheric boundary
N. V. Yerkayev

Geometry of the magnetic field in the Earth's magnetosphere and the generation of field-aligned currents
E. E. Antonova and N. Yu. Ganyushkina

Reconstruction of large-scale azimuthal pressure gradients in the magnetosphere from field-aligned current data
E. E. Antonova and N. Yu. Ganyushkina

Devolopment of flux transfer events in dayside geomagnetic pulsations
O. I. Yagodkina and V. G. Vorob'yev

Polar cap aurora: Morphological features and the relation to theta aurora
V. G. Vorob'yev, V. L. Zverev, and Ya. I. Feldstein

Long-period geomagnetic pulsation in the theta aurora region on May 11, 1983
N. G. Kleymenova, O. V. Kozyreva, and Zh. Bitterli

Magnetospheric substorm nucleus formation at the growth phase
V. A. Velichko, M. G. Gel'berg, and D. Y. Zakharov

Dynamics of pitch angle distributions of ring current and radiation belt ions during the main phase of a storm
V. F. Bashkirov and A. S. Kovtyukh

Comparison of the F2 layer half width given by the IRI with rocket data
A. D. Danilov and N. V. Smirnova

CRRES radiophysical observations of ionospheric disturbance effects
N. F. Blagoveshchenskaya, T. D. Borisova, O. V. Kolosov, and V. A. Kornienko

Thermal perturbations of the near-Earth plasma created by the powerful radio emission of the Sura installation
V. V. Vas'kov, G. P. Komrakov, and N. A. Ryabova

Small-scale turbulence input into the energy balance of the mesosphere and lower thermosphere
Yu. A. Kalgin and A. D. Danilov

A method for determining local geometric properties of discontinuity surfaces in the heliosphere
I. S. Veselovskiy

Correlation characteristics of the secular variation field
M. Yu. Reshetnyak

Changes in the Earth's moment of inertia and geomagnetic phenomena
Yu. D. Kalinin

Cerenkov radiation of protons in the magnetosphere as a source of VLF waves preceding an earthquake
V. V. Krechetov

On the possibility of forecasting the daytime ionospheric effect of magnetospheric substorms and SC magnetic storms
V. M. Shashun'kina

Some characteristics of the plasma signal scattered from artificial ionospheric turbulence
S. A. Dmitriev, G. I. Terina, and I. A Tushentsova

Long-term trends of ionospheric disturbances in the F2 layer
N. P. Sergeyenko and V. P. Kuleshova

Propagation of the upper ray in a disturbed ionosphere
V. A. Ivanov, N. V. Ryabova, V. P. Uryadov, and V. V. Shumaev

Possible mechanism of the formation of ionization patches and blobs in the ionospheric F layer
V. S. Mingalev and G. I. Mingaleva

Angular anisotropy of internal gravity waves in the ionosphere
S. N. Mityakov, V. O. Rapoport, and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts

Polarization of internal gravity waves in the mesosphere
S. N. Mityakov, V. O. Rapoport, and V. Yu. Trakhtengerts

Geomagnetic field and variation in the natural level of radiocarbon in the Earth's atmosphere
S. S. Vasil'yev and V. A. Dergachev

Determination of the parameters of the sources of the Earth's anomalous magnetic field from balloon and satellite measurement data
S. A. Serkerov, Yu. P. Tsvetkov, and A. L. Kharitonov

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