Geomagnetism and Aeronomy

Volume 35, Number 6, June 1996
Russian Edition November -December 1995


Interplanetary magnetic field from Phobos 1 and 2 measurements. 3. Heliospheric substorm, August 5-7, 1988
K. G. Ivanov, V. A. Styazhkin, Y. G. Yeroshenko, Y. P. Romashets, A. N. Zaytsev, and V. I. Odintsov

Solar coronal hole energetics and recurrent geomagnetic disturbances
E. I. Mogilevskiy

Relation of geoeffective explosion processes on the Sun with the field structure and dynamics of the heliosphere
V. M. Dvornikov and V. Y. Sdobnov

Effect of the outer electric field on the magnetic field configuration near the current sheet
A. V. Runov and M. I. Pudovkin

Effect of the interplanetary magnetic field on the generation of large-scale field-aligned currents
Y. Y. Antonova and N. Y. Ganyushkina

Modulated electron beam in a randomly irregular plasma
I. A. Anisimov

VLF wave modulation by ion cyclotron oscillations upon injection of heavy ions in the ionosphere
A. S. Volokitin, V. G. Korobeynikov, V. N. Orayevskiy, and Y. Y. Ruzhin

Dynamics of long-period irregular pulsations at high latitudes during strong magnetic storms
N. A. Kurazhkovskaya and B. I. Klayn

IPDP geomagnetic pulsations and the main ionospheric trough
N. G. Kleymenova, Kangas, T. Pikkaraynen, and K. Ranta

Dynamics of the midlatitude ionospheric trough during a magnetic storm: Main phase
M. G. Deminov, A. T. Karpachev, V. V. Afonin, and S. K. Annakuliyev

Model for the height of the ionosphere maximum in main ionospheric trough zone
P. V. Kishcha and N. A. Kochenova

Electron concentration distribution in the high-latitude topside ionosphere of the southern hemisphere under nighttime summer conditions
A. T. Karpachev

Propagation of Alfvén waves in the plasma sheet boundary region of the Earth's magnetospheric tail
P. P. Malovichko

Diurnal variations of the latitude behavior of riometric absorption and the magnetospheric electric field
N. G. Skryabin, I. Ya. Plotnikov, S. N. Samsonov, and V. D. Sokolov

Comparison of latitudinal variations of the vertical electron content with data from high-latitude ground-based observations
S. M. Chernyakov and N. V. Shulgina

Lyman-Birge-Hopfield bands in proton auroras
Z. V. Dashkevich, B. V. Kozelov, and V. Y. Ivanov

Artificial radio emission in the two-frequency heating regime of the ionosphere
V. Y. Trakhtengerts, V. O. Rapoport, Y. N. Yermakova, G. P. Komrakov, P. A. Bernkhard, L. S. Vagner, and I. A. Goldshteyn

Experimental studies of oblique polarization-adjusted sounding of the ionosphere in the decameter wavelength range
I. S. Fal'kovich, N. N. Kalinichenko, and A. A. Stanislavskiy

Modeling of the low-latitude ion composition in the ionosphere
A. D. Danilov and N. V. Smirnova

Effect of ionospheric plasma drift and Joule heating on the dynamic regime of the thermosphere during a substorm
Y. N. Koren'kov, F. S. Bessarab, V. N. Klimenko, and V. A. Surotkin

Geomagnetic field variations in Central Asia for the last two millenniums: World data analysis
I. Y. Nachasova and K. S. Burakov

Meridional winds in the evening midnight region of the auroral oval
N. N. Bogdanov and S. V. Leont'yev

Evolution of fast moving irregularities in the ionospheric E region
A. A. Arykov and Y. P. Mal'tsev

Solar periods and meteorological parameters of the Earth's atmosphere
Y. I. Davydova and V. V. Davydov

Reflection of internal gravity waves from the mesospheric waveguide
S. N. Mityakov, V. M. Nakaryakov, and V. Y. Trakhtengerts

Resonance structure of the frequency spectrum of internal gravity waves in mesosphere
S. N. Mityakov, V. O. Rapoport, V. Yu. Trakhtengerts, and V. M. Nakaryakov

Application of the method of mutual correlation functions to interpret data of gradient magnetic surveys
S. A. Serkerov, Y. P. Tsvetkov, and A. L. Kharitonov

Analysis of geomagnetic secular variations in eastern Asia during the last 30 years
Y. Shu, C. An, V. P. Golovkov, N. M. Rotanova, and T. N. Bondar'

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