Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 30, Number 1, August 1994
Russian Edition January -February 1994


On the scattering of sound and radio waves by turbulent structures in the stratosphere
A. S. Gurvich

Turbulent vorticity flux
B. M. Koprov, V. V. Kalugin, and N. S. Thieme

Assimilation of altimeter information in the hydrodynamical currents model of the tropical Atlantic: Numerical model experiments
V. V. Knysh, A. S. Sarkisyan, and V. V. Chernov

On the maximum wind velocity in the tropical cyclone
M. V. Kalashnik

Macroscale variations of prevailing wind in the lower troposphere
G. V. Vergasova and E. S. Kazimirovsky

Experimental studies of cloud transmittance with respect to pulses of optical radiation
V. A. Korshunov, L. N. Pavlova, N. P. Romanova, and V. S. Shucklin

Peculiarities of scattering of radiation by the nonspherical particles of atmospheric aerosol
N. V. Voshchinnikov and V. G. Farafonov

Investigation of the NO2 and O3 daily variations in the Moscow atmosphere using the spectral optical ray path method
V. M. Bashlykov, A. V. Vahtel, N. I. Maslyaeva, and A. A. Ivanov

Doppler spectrum width of microwave radar signals reflected from sea surface at moderate and large incidence angles
Yu. V. Grebenyuk, M. V. Kanevsky, and V. Yu. Karaev

Variations of wind wave spectra shapes for conditions of limited development time and fetch
M. M. Zaslavsky and N. G. Kozhelupova

Origin of free convection in water cooled from the surface
Ye. P. Anisimova, I. A. Petrenko, and A. A. Speranskaya

The effect of the monomolecular layer of fatty acid on the temperature of surface water film
M. I. Gladyshev and N. N. Sushchik

Simulation of nonlinear internal wave propagation in horizontally inhomogeneous ocean
E. N. Pelinovskiy, Yu. A. Stepanyants, and T. G. Talipova

Linear initialization of hydrodynamical fields
Yu. V. Brezhnev, S. P. Kshevetsky, and S. V. Leble

Localization of internal gravity waves in randomly stratified ocean
A. A. Lyubitsky and Yu. V. Tarasov

Formation of three-dimensional acoustic waveguides and hydrological-acoustical characteristics of eddies in the Kamchatka Stream
K. T. Bogdanov and F. F. Khrapchenkov

Iteration-regularization method of solution of nonlinear inverse problems and its application to interpretation of the spectra of brightness coefficient of a layer of water
O. V. Dubovik, S. L. Oshchepkov, and T. V. Lapyonok

Principal orthogonal components of angular dependencies of the light scattering of oceanic waters
A. A. Kumeisha and M. M. Korol'

Collapse of a circular helical vortex
Yu. B. Sedov

Prescribing of the boundary conditions at an underlying surface to solve second-moment equations for aerosol admixture concentrations
A. I. Borodulin

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