Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 30, Number 2, October 1994
Russian Edition March -April 1994


The transition seasons in climate dynamics
G. P. Kurbatkin

Linear oscillations in a viscous heat-conducting isothermal atmosphere: Part 1
G. V. Rudenko

Linear oscillations in a viscous heat-conducting isothermal atmosphere: Part 2
G. V. Rudenko

Optimized iterative method for numerical solution of Fredholm integral equation of the first kind for positive definite values
S. L. Oshchepkov and O. V. Dubovik

Multimodal soliton of internal waves
V. I. Vlasenko

Evaluation of technogenic pollution of atmospheric air in Moscow
A. A. Volokh and M. G. Zhuravleva

Interaction between cloudiness and radiation: Introduction
E. M. Feigelson

Synoptical conditions in the Moscow region and cloudiness characteristics over Zvenigorod in September 1992
N. A. Zaitseva, O. M. Izakova, and P. L. Manenok

Influence of cloudiness on the global radiation in different spectral regions
G. M. Abakumova, O. M. Izakova, Ye.I.Nezval', N.Ye.Chubarova, and Ye.V.Yarkho

Radiation characteristics of cloudless atmosphere in Moscow and the Moscow region in July to September 1992
G. M. Abakumova, I. N. Plakhina, I. A. Repina, and Ye.V.Yarkho

Intercomparison of heat radiation fluxes calculated from the data of radiosondes released in Dolgoprudny and Zvenigorod
I. A. Gorchakova and N. A. Zaitseva

An analysis of cloudiness using NOAA/AVHRR data during the Zvenigorod experiment of 1992
P. Yu.Romanov

Investigation of cloudiness by ground-based lidar in Zvenigorod experiment of 1992
L. V. Kravets

Remote determination of the cloud parameters
S. V. Dvoryashin

Interaction between cloudiness and radiation
E. N. Kadygrov, A. V. Koldaev, and M.N.Khaykin

Calculations of heat radiation fluxes for oversky stratocumulus cloudiness
I. A. Gorchakova

Measurements and analysis of thermal radiation under cloudy conditions
I. N. Plakhina and I. A. Repina

Possible investigation of thin clouds by solar aureole methods
A. A. Isakov

Optical thickness of semitransparent clouds and evaluation of cloud particle size
P. P. Anikin

An evaluation of optical thickness and effective cloud particle size for semitransparent clouds using measurements of direct solar ultraviolet radiation fluxes
P. P. Anikin and Yu.V.Glushchenko

A method to determine the cloud amount
P. P. Anikin and O. M. Izakova

Some peculiar features of cloud effect on scattered ultraviolet radiation flux
Yu.V.Glushchenko and T. V. Glushchenko

Spectroscopical method for evaluation of optical properties of droplet clouds
S. V. Dvoryashin

Estimate of the optical thickness of clouds from measurements of photosynthetically active radiation
I. N. Plakhina and I. A. Repina

On the calculation of optical thickness of extended low and middle clouds using measurements of solar radiation in three solar spectrum ranges on the Earth's surface
T. A. Tarasova and N. E. Chubarova

Optical parameters of cirrus clouds using ship observations of direct solar radiation
R. G. Timanovskaya

Radiation effects in cloudy and cloudless atmosphere above the ocean
R. G. Timanovskaya and S. D. Timanovsky

Interaction between cloudiness and radiation: Conclusion to Part 1
E. M. Feigelson

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