Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 30, Number 3, December 1994
Russian Edition May -June 1994


Analytical method for calculation of optical parameters of polydisperse media and its application for cirrus clouds
V.I.Khvorostyanov and D.V.Khvorostyanov

Benchmark computation for solar fluxes and influxes in aerosol and cloudy atmosphere
B. A. Fomin, A. N. Rublev, and A.N.Trotsenko

Light scattering by hexagonal ice prisms I. Small scattering angles

Influence of aerosol on mean albedo and absorption by broken clouds
O. E. Bazhenov, E.I.Kas'yanov, and G.A.Titov

Effect of scattered light on accuracy of measurements of thin cloud optical thickness by a Sun photometer
E. P. Zege, I.L.Katsev, I.N.Polonsky, and A.S.Prikhach

I. I. Mokhov

On the climatology and physical structure of clouds
I. P. Mazin

Physical and statistical analysis of cloud formation conditions
Yu.L. Matveev

Recurrence of upper level clouds over the globe and its connection with pressure field and water vapor content
G. M. Orlov and L. G. Struzhenkova

Frequency of cloudless sky and extended cover of various cloud types on the base of observations in Moscow
G. M. Abakumova, T.V.Evnevich, O.M.Izakova, E.I.Nesval', N.E.Chubarova, and O.A.Shilovtseva

On the possibility of determining the influence of atmospheric pollution on the optical characteristics of clouds
Ye. N. Golovina and L. A. Sokolova

Specific features of total radiation inflow to the Earth's surface under cloudy sky conditions over the territory of the USSR
T. P. Gubina, Ye.L.Makhotkina, and A.V.Pavlov

Influence of stratocumulus clouds on total radiation in various spectral regions (based on observations in Moscow)
T. B. Evnevich and O. A. Shilovtseva

Transmission of total radiation by stratocumulus clouds and optical thicknesses of clouds based on long-term measurements data in various spectral intervals
O. M. Izakova, T.A.Tarasova, N.E.Chubarova, and O.A.Shilovtseva

Spectral transparency of upper-level clouds by ground-based measurements in various climatic zones
O. D. Barteneva, G.G.Sakunov, and A.A.Timerev

Study of linear trends of time series of solar radiation
Yu.V.Zhitorchuk, V.V.Stadnik, and I.N.Shanina

Changes in the radiation regime in Estonia
V. K. Russak

On the calculation of monthly values of underlaying surface albedo
I. V. Morozova

Estimation of the effect of Pinatubo eruption on solar radiation and transmittance of the atmosphere on the base of ground measurements in Moscow
G. M. Abakumova and Ye.V. Yarkho

Study of aerosol extinction spectra of continental troposphere
A. P. Ivanov, A.P.Chaikovskii, F.P.Osipenko, V.N.Shcherbakov, I.S.Hutko, and S.B.Tauroginskaya

Temporal variability of aerosol optical thickness of the atmosphere in various climatic regions
E. V. Yarkho

Peculiarities of aerosol variability deduced from Kislovodsk observations
Yu.V. Glushchenko

Quantummetrical method for measurements of spectra of scattered and reflected solar radiation
L. A. Sokolova and A. V. Shashkin

E. M. Feigelson

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