Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 30, Number 4, February 1995
Russian Edition July -August 1994


Two-dimensional hydrodynamic model of processes of vortex formation in a baroclinic atmosphere
L. T. Matveev and S. A. Soldatenko

Investigation of the genesis of warm Holocene climates with the help of simulations of the simplified atmospheric general circulation model
A. V. Kislov

Passive admixture diffusion in the atmospheric boundary layer determined using radar data
G. P. Zhukov and B. C. Yurchak

On the explosive instability of periodic vortex structure in the turbulent boundary layer
M. G. Maiorov and S. A. Rybak

Computer modeling of processes of polarized light scattering by spherical microparticles (homogeneous, hollow, two layered) in laser sounding systems
A.Z.Rozenshtein and B.B.Volozh

Computer modeling of polarized light scattering by cylindrical microparticles (homogeneous, hollow, two layered) in laser sounding systems
A. Z. Rozenshtein and B. B. Volozh

Polarization of multiply scattered zenith skylight during twilight
V.E.Pavlov, L.A. Egorova, V.I.Kardopolov, F.K.Rspaev, and S.A.Ukhinov

Fraunhofer lines "filling in" in clouds
S. V. Dvorjashin

Analysis of the annual variation of tropospheric and stratospheric ozone derived from ozonesonde data
A. N. Gruzdev and S. A. Sitnov

Investigation of the possibility to determine parameters of the microstructure of artificial aerosol clouds in the atmosphere by optical measurements
A. G. Petrushin and E. I. Shkuratova

Pinatubo aerosol in the stratosphere by observations of settings of stars in the cosmos
A. P. Artsebarsky, M. E. Gracheva, G. M. Grechko, A. S. Gurvich, V. Kan, S. K. Krikalev, A. I. Pakhomov, and S. A. Savchenko

The Black Sea tsunamis
S. F. Dotsenko

About the origin of inertial oscillations in deep layers of the Black Sea
Yu. N. Golubev

Comparison of general circulation models: Diagnostics of intraannual evolution of cloudiness
I. I. Mokhov, V. Ya. Galin, A. I. Degtyarev, E. N. Kruglova, V. P. Meleshko, A. P. Sokolov, P. V. Sporyshev, G. L. Stenchikov, I. V. Trosnikov, and D. A. Sheinin

A three-dimensional mesoscale model of cloudiness evolution with detailed account of microphysical and radiative processes, orography, and its application for cirrus clouds modelling
V. I. Khvorost'yanov

On the overlapping of clouds of different layers in general circulation models
I. I. Mokhov, O. P. Skrotskaya, and I. G. Ostapenko

On determination of some characteristics of cloudiness for general atmospheric circulation modeling
O. P. Skrotskaya and I. G. Ostapenko

Feedbacks in one-dimensional climatic models with cloud formation block
V. S. Kostsov, V. V. Rozanov, Y. V. Rozanov, and T. I. Selyakov

Response of climate parameters of thermodynamical ocean-land-atmosphere model to variation in longwave radiation parameterization
I. A. Gorchakova, N. I. Manuylova, and V. K. Petukhov

The evolution of thermal regime of an atmosphere subjected to predictable anthropogenic pollutions
A. A. Kiselev and V. A. Frol'kis

I. I. Mokhov

Book Review: Theoretical Concepts and Observational Implications in Meteorology and Geophysics (Selected papers from the AIAGA symposium to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Ertel's potential vorticity)
M. V. Kurgansky

Valer'yan Ivanovich Krasovskiy (June 14, 1907-December 4, 1993)

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