Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 30, Number 5, April 1995
Russian Edition September -October 1994


CO2 greenhouse effect diurnal cycle estimate by the one-dimensional models of the atmospheric vertical structure
P. F. Demchenko, G. S. Golitsyn, A. S. Ginsburg, and N. N. Veltishchev

On the genesis of global climatic fluctuations during postglaciation
A. V. Kislov

Some results of in situ modeling the effect of the underlying surface on turbulence characteristics in the atmospheric surface layer
V. P. Kukharets and L. R. Tsvang

Validity of E - l and E - \varepsilon turbulence models for neutrally stable horizontally inhomogeneous atmospheric boundary layer
B. B. Ilyushin and A. F. Kurbatsky

Doppler correlation reconstruction of velocity field
V. V. Sterlyadkin

Ozone layer disturbances caused by tropical cyclones
A. F. Nerushev

Sound transmission function for a near-ground atmospheric layer waveguide
Yu. M. Zaslavsky

An approximate theory of polarized radiation transfer in scattering media splitting of sets of simultaneous equations
E. P. Zege and L. I. Chaikovskaya

Numerical analysis of integral radiation characteristics in a turbid medium for oblique illumination of its surface
A. V. Aistov and V. G. Gavrilenko

Vertical profile of the diffused radiation spectral fluxes in a strati based on the aircraft measurements
A. V. Vasil'yev, I. N. Melnikova, and V. V. Mikhailov

Statistical and spectral properties of air and seawater temperature in Yalta obtained by multiyears observations
M. V. Babii, G. A. Gubar', A. K. Kuklin, and G. N. Khristoforov

The numerical simulation of a thermal and hydrodynamical water body regime based on a two-dimensional model
B. V. Arkhipov and V. V. Solbakov

Mathematical modeling of vortex structures in the upper layer of a water basin
N. S. Blokhina and A. E. Ordanovich

Interaction of vortex dipoles: The theory and laboratory experiment
Ya. D. Afanasyev, S. I. Voropayev, and P. G. Potylitsin

Numerical investigation of solitary wave transformation in a shelf zone
V. A. Ivanov and V. F. Ivanov

Theoretical and experimental estimation of transfer peculiarities of the Malokurilsk Bay coast, the Island of Shikotan
V. A. Djumagaliev, A. B. Rabinovich, and I. V. Fain

A set of exact nonstationary solutions for the rotating shallow water equations
L. Kh. Ingel

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