Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 31, Number 2, October 1995
Russian Edition March -April 1995


Internal gravity waves in the lower atmosphere and sources of their generation (review)
N. N. Romanova and I. G. Yakushkin

Approaches to modeling of the atmospheric boundary layer (review)
S. D. Danilov, B. M. Koprov, and I. A. Sazonov

Circulational regimes of transport in a vortex structure model of a street canyon
V. P. Goncharov

A model of the three-dimensional spectrum of locally axisymmetric temperature inhomogeneities in a stably stratified atmosphere
A. S. Gurvich

Solution of the three-dimensional inverse problem of remote refractometric sensing in the Earth's atmosphere
M. E. Gorbunov

The structure of circulation cells of intensive baroclinic vortices in shear flows and advective admixture transport
T. N. Doronina

The large-scale structure of interannual variability in the atmospheric circulation and the El Nino phenomenon
V. V. Yefimov, A. V. Prusov, and M. V. Shokurov

Background currents in geophysical hydrodynamics
V. F. Kozlov

Measurements of surface ozone concentration at the high-mountain scientific station Kislovodsk: The seasonal and daily variations
N. F. Yelansky and I. A. Senik

Sensitivity indices of stratospheric and tropospheric ozone to ozone-active factors and their model estimates
I. L. Karol', A. A. Kiselev, and V. A. Frol'kis

Elemental composition of the aerosol in the atmosphere of the Central Russian Arctic
A. A. Vinogradova and A. V. Polissar

Method of dispersion relations for mean concentration in passive admixture turbulent diffusion theory
V. P. Dokuchaev

Weakly turbulent spatial spectra of surface gravity waves
M. M. Zaslavsky and E. G. Panchenko

Meanders of the equatorial countercurrent in the Atlantic
G. S. Dvoryaninov

To the editorial board of the journal "Izvestiya Akad. Nauk Ross., Fizika Atmosfery i Okeana''
G. I. Kuznetsov and I. O. Kurbanov

On the 60th birthday of Georgiy Sergeyevich Golitsyn

On the 75th birthday of Mikhail Aramaisovich Petrosyants

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