Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 31, Number 3, December 1995
Russian Edition May -June 1995


On the 70th birthday of Guriy Ivanovich Marchuk

The days of Guriy Ivanovich Marchuk's youth
I. L. Karol

On several problems of mathematical theory of climate
V. P. Dymnikov and A. N. Filatov

Numerical simulation of a coupled circulation of the atmosphere and upper layer of the ocean
V. P. Dymnikov, V. A. Alekseev, E. M. Volodin, V. Ya. Galin, N. A. Dianskiy, V. N. Lykosov, and I. N. Ezau

Individual potential of tropical cyclone genesis
M. A. Petrosyants and E. K. Semenov

Vertical movements in the atmospheric boundary layer and in the cloud field
L. T. Matveyev and Yu. L. Matveyev

The role of the ocean in maintenance of the atmospheric thermodynamic fields during transitional periods
G. P. Kurbatkin

Mathematical models of interrelations between thermodynamic and chemical processes in the atmosphere of industrial regions
V. V. Penenko and A. E. Aloyan

The Caspian Sea level as a problem of diagnosis and prognosis of the regional climate change
G. S. Golitsyn

On oceanological results of the program Sections
S. S. Lappo, G. V. Alekseev, and V. V. Efimov

Numerical aspects of modeling of general oceanic circulation
V. B. Zalesnyy and V. I. Kuzin

The spectral structure of hydrophysical fields of the ocean
R. V. Ozmidov

On a line of research in mathematical modeling of the ocean initiated by G. I. Marchuk
A. S. Sarkisyan and J. Suendermann

On the parametric excitation of inertial oscillations by tidal currents
A. S. Monin and G. M. Zhikharev

Weakly divergent bundles of sound rays in the Arctic
L. M. Brekhovskih, V. V. Goncharov, and V. M. Kurtepov

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