Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 31, Number 4, February 1996
Russian Edition July -August 1995


Zonal mean global nonstationary model of photochemical, radiative, and dynamic processes in the troposphere and stratosphere. Part 1: Description of the model and its verification
V. A. Zubov, I. L. Karol', Yu. E. Ozolin, and Ye. B. Rozanov

Intermittent chaos and large-scale circulation regimes in the atmosphere
R. V. Bekryaev

Empirical stability of model regimes and predictability of circulation processes
A. V. Murav'yev and D. B. Kiktev

Numerical modeling of interaction of nonstationary divergent flow with a convective atmospheric boundary layer over the ocean
A. P. Khain and L. Kh. Ingel

Numerical simulation of the small-scale impact of ejections of high-altitude aircraft engines to the atmospheric composition
I. L. Karol' and Yu. E. Ozolin

Solution of the inverse problems for layered media
V. I. Klyatskin, K. V. Koshel, and B. M. Shevtsov

On a simple approximation for a radiative transfer problem with cylindrical symmetry
V. M. Ol'khov

Influence of various atmospheric parameters on the ultraviolet and biologically active radiation
Ye. V. Volkova and N. Ye. Chubarova

Heat release in an illuminated aerosol particle
S. Yu. Bayev and N. N. Belov

On the role of four-wave interactions in formation of space-time spectrum of surface gravity waves
M. M. Zaslavskiy

Modeling of a nonslip fluid on a rigid surface with the help of the friction layer in the case of free convection
Yu. G. Verevochkin and S. A. Startsev

Critical layer and nonlinear evolution of disturbances in weakly supercritical shear flows
S. M. Churilov and I. G. Shukhman

The influence of ocean floor residual displacements on the efficiency of directed tsunami generation
S. F. Dotsenko

The influence of suspended matter on shallow water dynamics
S. A. Lonin

Instability of plane-parallel motion in water flow surface layer caused by infrared radiation absorption
O. N. Mel'nikova, D. I. Leont'yev, S. V.Seliverstov, M. V. Sluyev, V. P. Petrov, and N. K. Shelkovnikov

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