Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 31, Number 5, April 1995
Russian Edition September -October 1995


Global admixture transport in the atmosphere
G. I. Marchuk and A. E. Aloyan

Parametric description of the atmospheric water surface
M. M. Zaslavskiy

A numerical model for the structure of stationary planetary waves
B. E. Stepanov

Subcritical flow in a system of four vortices
S. D. Danilov and V. A. Dovzhenko

Internal gravity waves in the middle atmosphere: 1. Spectra and wave action budget equation
A. N. Belyaev

Thermocapillary analogue of Rossby waves
G. S. Kirichenko and P. V. Poritskiy

Radiative transfer in vertically and horizontally inhomogeneous clouds
L. M. Romanova

Polarization effects during light propagation in media characterized by highly anisotropic scattering
E. E. Gorodnichev and D. B. Rogozkin

Studies of the total water vapor content in the atmosphere
V. N. Aref'ev, N. Ye. Kamenogradsky, F. V. Kashin, and V. P. Ustinov

Aerosol models for computations of radiative characteristics of the atmosphere
L. A. Gavrilova and L. S. Ivlev

The Messina whirls in the present and past
S. A. Androsov, N. Ye. Vol'tsinger, B. A. Kagan, and E. Salusti

Anisotropy of spatiotemporal correlations of the sea wind wave field
G. N. Khristoforov, A. S. Zapevalov, and V. Ye. Smolov

Scaling effects in the modeling of internal waves in basin covered by surfactant films
E. N. Pelinovskiy and T. G. Talipova

An investigation of the influence of a surfactant film on the dissolution of a bubble moving in seawater
V. K. Goncharov and N. Yu. Klement'eva

The generation of long nonlinear waves by traveling disturbances of atmospheric pressure
A. V. Konovalov and L. V. Cherkesov

The role of solar radiation and boundary conditions in simulation of the mixed oceanic layer
V. S. Orlov

Evolution of a vortex due to a mass sink in a shallow water model
P. N. Svirkunov and M. V. Kalashnik

A fluorescence intensity change caused by the organic matter transition from a suspension to a solution
V. M. Sidorenko and S. A. Pakkonen

Model estimate of ozone destruction potential of halon 124V1
I. L. Karol' and A. A. Kiselev

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