Atmospheric and Oceanic Physics

Volume 31, Number 6, June 1996
Russian Edition November - December 1995


On the interpretation of ground-based observations of atmospheric gravity waves
I. G. Yakushkin

Equilibrium states for quasi-geostrophic flows with random topography
V. I. Klyatskin

The influence of background wind on the formation of the acoustic-gravity wave structure in the thermosphere
A. I. Pogoreltsev and N. N. Pertsev

Numerical modeling of sound fields in the stratified moving atmosphere
A. V. Razin

Universality of probability distribution of turbulent energy dissipation rate
P. L. Vanyan

Refraction angle fluctuations in the atmosphere from space observations of stellar scintillations
A. S. Gurvich, V. Kan, and O. V. Fedorova

Experimental studies of light scattering phase functions of the atmospheric surface layer
G. G. Sakunov, O. D. Barteneva, and V. F. Radionov

On an influence of beam width on the angular structure of light field at oblique illumination of a turbid medium
A. V. Aistov and V. G. Gavrilenko

Studies of line interference in the Q branch of the CO2 5.32 \mu m band
V. N. Aref'ev, Yu. I. Baranov, and E. L. Baranova

Theory of evaporation of a spherical particle under directional optical radiation
V. G. Chernyak

A hydrodynamic diagnosis of climatic fields of temperature, salinity, and currents in the Black Sea
D. Trukhchev and A. S. Sarkisyan

Linear model of air flow distortion by the effect of breeze
Zhang Meigen

Nonlinear effects due to water wave interactions with a turbulent wind
V. P. Reutov and Yu. I. Troitskaya

On the estimation of the angular energy distribution function of dominant sea waves
A. S. Zapevalov

Generation of internal waves by a drifting iceberg
V. V. Vasil'yeva, L. G. Pisarevskaya, and O. D. Shishkina

The influence of viscoelastic properties of ice on three-dimensional surface waves
A. E. Bukatov and T. A. Solomakha

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