Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 1, August 1994
Russian Edition January 1994


The new data on the uranium content in the continental and oceanic mantle
A. F. Grachev and A. N. Komarov

Thermodynamic limits on effective elastic modules of anisotropic rocks
V. A. Kalinin and I. O. Bayuk

Finite difference determination of eigenvalues and eigenfunctions of the Poincar'e operator: Configuration without an inner core
S. V. Diakonov

Lithospheric bending near the junction of the Aleutian and Kurile-Kamchatka trenches
S. V. Gavrilov, A. N. Boyko, and O. B. Aleksandrova

Variation of the geomagnetic field inclination over the past 8400 years
S. P. Burlatskaya and A. V. Ermushev

Mass identification of earthquake source mechanisms in Kopetdag seismic zone
O. O. Erteleva, S. L. Yunga, and M. A. Danilova

Geophysical observations during the Caucasus earthquake of April 29, 1991: Aftershock period
Yu. P. Skovorodkin, T. V. Guseva, B. A. Sigalov, S.V. Butazov, L. S. Bezuglaya, P. I. Boikov, A. V. Mishin, and K. A. Mamatsuev

Metrological certification of the marine gravimeters GMN
S. M. Baranova, L. V. Pushchina, and R. B. Rukavishnikov

Magnetic geothermometer
V. S. Vechfinskiy

Far-infrared studies 20-50 m of the dielectric function in pyrite
N. P. Stepanov, V. M. Tupikov, and V. M. Lopushkov

Dependence of magnetic anisotropy of sedimentary rocks on sedimentation field
V. A. Shashkanov and A. A. Kosterov

Cloud field response to nuclear tests
L. I. Morozova

Code of ethics concerning earthquake prediction
G. A. Sobolev, A. D. Zav'yalov, and E. N. Sedova

First monograph on marine (seafloor) seismology

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