Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 2, September 1994
Russian Edition February 1994


Quasi-microplasticity processes and nonlinear seismicit
E. I. Mashinsk

Pronounced earthquakes and seismic potential of the Mineralnyye Vody area in the Northern Caucasus (macroseismic data)
A. A. Nikonov

On the origin of anomalous ultralow-frequency geomagnetic disturbances prior to the Loma Prieta, California, earthquake
N. E. Gershenzon and M. B. Gokhberg

Pebble test in paleomagnetism
S. V. Shipunov

Physical significance of seismic velocities determined by various methods and implications for their interpretation: A review
A. M. Yepinatyeva

Phase transformations and differentiation in the Earth's mantle
M. V. Avdulov

Magnetic properties and chemical magnetization in a system of interacting particles of a dilute ferromagnet
V. I. Belokon` and S. V. Syomkin

Generation of seismic harmonic waves by a cyclically displaced load
Yu. M. Zaslavsky

Numerical analysis of ordering relations in the global network of lineaments
P. A. Besprozvanny, E. V. Borodzich, and V. A. Bush

The volt-ampere characteristics of rocks with electron-conducting inclusions
A. A. Ryzhov

Hydrogeothermical phenomena in the genesis of seismicity
V. S. Panfilov

Obituary of Merab A. Alexidze

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