Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 3, October 1994
Russian Edition March 1994


Examination of monochromatic components in high-frequency seismic noise
A. P. Yakovlev and V. A. Aleshin

Chemical and carbon isotope instabilities in fluxes of natural gases in seismic regions
G. I. Voytov and I. P. Dobrovolskiy

Magnetotelluric studies of the crust and mantle structure of eastern part of the Baltic shield
A. A. Kovtun, S. A. Vagin, I. L. Vardanyants, E. L. Kokvina, and linebreak N. I. Uspensky

On one possible ionospheric precursor of earthquakes
V. P. Kim, V. V. Khegai, and P. V. Illich-Svitych

Paleodislocations of the relief in the pleistocene seismic zone of Racha earthquake of 1991 in the southern area of the Greater Caucasus
T. P. Belousov

Periodic regular shifts of the Earth's surface: Geodetic data (Garm polygon)
S. V. Enman and O. E. Popov

Amplitude-frequency characteristics of a model medium with developing fracturing
O. G. Shamina, A. M. Palenov, V. S. Tkachenko, and V. I. Ponyatovskaya

New possibilities of research on velocity sections in seismic prospecting
A. M. Epinat'eva, V. S. Solov'ev, G. M. Goloshubin, V. I. Ibraev, and L. G. Ryabinova

Numerical simulation of sounding using the submarine electric power transmission line between Finland and Sweden
L. L. Van'yan, I. V. Egorov, A. A. Nozdrina, and N. A. Pal'shin

Module magnetovariation profiling
D. B. Avdeev, A. V. Kuvshinov, and O. V. Pankratov

On the origin of magnetic heterogeneity of magnetites from ferruginous quartzites
G. I. Ivanyuk, V. A. Tyuremnov, and N. L. Balabonin

Data on geomagnetic field in the Coniacian-Santonian age and its correlation with geologic events in the eastern area of the Lesser Caucasus
A. A. Khalafov and K. D. Gasanov

International symposium on seismic sea waves "Tsunami '93" (Wakayama, Japan, August, 1993)
V. Ivanov and B. Levin

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