Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 4, November 1994
Russian Edition April 1994


Geodynamical mapping and seismicity of North China
V. V. Baranova, A. F. Grachev, I. V. Kalashnikova, and V. A. Magnitsky

On a velocity heterogeneity of the Benioff (Wadati- Zavaritsky-Benioff) zone
I. P. Kuzin

Experience of seismic studies in phase space illustrated by the example of the seismofocal area of Kamchatka
V. V. Gonchar

Peculiarities of seismicity and seismic regime in Jordan
T. Al-Yasdjin and T. B. Yanovskaya

A property of weakly damped torsion balance with vertical suspension
I. I. Kalinnikov, V. P. Matyunin, and N. A. Nyunina

On change of sign of the electromotive force in combined plants
P. N. Aleksandrov

The inverse problem of elasticity theory: Application of the boundary integral equation for the holomorphic vector
A. A. Schwab

Determination of basic source parameters in North Vietnamese earthquakes
N. V. Kondorskaya and Ngo Thi Ly

Patterns of vertical Earth's surface shifts at the building site of the Crimean nuclear power plant
A. L. Bondar, S. V. Vykaliuk, L. I. Serebriakova, and S. V. Enman

Local inhomogeneity of the elastic medium as detector of low-frequency G waves
A. G. Gusev and V. K. Kravchuk

Seismo-acoustic tomography of dissipative nonlinearity parameter
V. Ye. Nazarov

Some peculiarities of magnetic structure and properties of ilmenite varieties
G. A. Potapov, L. N. Romashov, B. B. Zhalsabon, and V. M. Lapushkov

A new aspect of unraveling the problem of seismicity
B. V. Grigoriants

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