Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 5, December 1994
Russian Edition May 1994


Seismic activity appraisal from rock fracture analysis
L. V. Antonova, F. F. Aptikayev, V. N. Krestnikov, A. L. Teremetskiy, and D. V. Shtange

Thermal structure of the axial zone in mid-oceanic ridges. Part 1. Formation and evolution of axial magma chamber
Yu. I. Galushkin, Ye. P. Dubinin, and A. I. Shemenda

Thermal structure of the axial zone of mid-oceanic ridges. Part 2. Effect of melt lenses on shape and evolution of magma chambers
Yu. I. Galushkin, Ye. P. Dubinin, and A. I. Shemenda

On the relation of the deformational precursor occurrence time to earthquake magnitude and epicentral distance
S. I. Zubkov, S. Ya. Sekerzh-Zen'kovich, and D. S. Sekerzh-Zen'kovich

On deep focus (70-300 km) seismicity on the opposite ends of the Himalayan Arch
D. A. Storchak, R. E. Tatevosyan, and N. V. Shebalin

Determination of the distribution function for the orientation of olivine and the symmetry of dunite
G. T. Prodayvoda

Seismoozone effect of Transcaucasia
A. V. Tertyshnikov

Propagation of nonlinear acoustic waves in rocks
S. V. Zimenkov and V. E. Nazarov

Electromagnetic signals from earthquakes
A. V. Guglielmi and V. T. Levshenko

Destructive earthquake on Mangyshlak
A. A. Nikonov

The procedure and the results of the quantitative interpretation of the Elbrus gravitational minimum
M. V. Avdulov

The estimation of the calculation accuracy of tidal corrections
B. P. Pertzev and M. V. Ivanova

Effects on the F2 region of the ionosphere during military operations in the Persian Gulf Zone
V. A. Liperovsky, O. A. Pohotelov, R. Kh. Liperovskaya, and L. N. Rubtsov

Seismic efficiency of the tectonic earthquake
I. P. Dobrovol'skiy

New potentialities of MCWE in studies of crustal structure
L. A. Dmitrieva and E. V. Isanina

Broad-band digital record of the September 30, 1993, Indian earthquake
A. V. Rykov, A. Yu. Marchenkov, and I. V. Ulomov

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