Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 6, January 1995
Russian Edition June 1994


The geoelectric issue of "Physics of the Solid Earth" is dedicated to the fond memory of Aleksandr Zaborovskii, founder of the Russian School of Geoelectrics

Geoelectric investigations in Russia
M. N. Berdichevskiy

Information-theoretic approach to geophysical studies and prospects for their development
B. S. Svetov

On the uniqueness of the inverse problem of electromagnetic sounding of layered media
V. I. Dmitriev

Linearization method for the inverse problem of electromagnetic sounding of stratified media
V. I. Dmitriev

Sensitivity of deep magnetotelluric sounding in the presence of fluid-saturated fractures
M. N. Berdichevskiy and V. A. Kulikov

Asymptotic behavior of the late stages of a transient field and applicability of the quasi-stationary approximation for one-dimensional model of imperfect dielectric
V. P. Gubatenko and A. A. Nazarov

Theory and practical potentialities of the borehole sounding-induction forced polarization method in gas and oil exploration
V. V. Sochel'nikov, A. G. Nebrat, S. V. Popovich, and A. V. Kondyurin

Numerical modeling of magnetotelluric fields in multilayer inhomogeneous medium
I. V. Yegorov and N. A. Pal'shin

Vertical current sounding (VCS)
V. S. Mogilatov and B. P. Balashov

Generation of synthetic magnetotelluric data
I. M. Varentsov and E. Yu. Sokolova

Fluids in the upper solid crust in the light of geoelectricity
L. L. Van'yan

Specific features of the lithospheric structure, Ural region, according to electromagnetic data
A. G. D'yakonova

Deep electrical conductivity in the Siberian Platform
A. P. Shilovskiy

Geoelectromagnetic monitoring of water discharge in the Bering strait (appraising of potentialities)
V. S. Shneyer, I. L. Trofimov, and S. M. Korotayev

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