Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 7/8, February 1995
Russian Edition July -August 1994


Thermal convection in a varying viscosity mantle with a finite-sized continental plate
V. P. Trubitsyn, Yu. F. Belavina, and V. V. Rykov

Emplacement of thermal diapirs into a continental lithospheric plate from the non-Newtonian upper mantle
S. V. Gavrilov

Dependence of the Lg wave properties on the source depth
A. I. Ruzaykin

Temperature dependence of lattice thermal conductivity of Earth's mineral substance
G. I. Petrunin and V. G. Popov

Deep seismic structure of the Spitak zone
L. Dorbath, S. S. Arefiev, and B. A. Borisov

Structure of the crust and upper mantle and tectogenesis of the Garm, Tadzhikistan, research site area
O. I. Aptikayeva, Yu. F. Kopnichev, and V. I. Shevchenko

Short-term study of microseismicity in the Guba Buorkhaya, Laptev Sea, using ocean bottom seismographs
S. A. Kovachev, I. P. Kuzin, and S. L. Soloviev

Localization of acoustic emission sources in a rock mass
K. N. Trubetskoy, D. M. Bronnikov, S. V. Kuznetsov, and V. A. Trofimov

A method of seismic activity assessment using number of terrace levels
L. V. Antonova, F. F. Aptikayev, V. N. Krestnikov, A. L. Teremetskiy, and D. V. Shtange

Observations of telluric field variations in the seismic region of Azerbaijan
I. L. Trofimov

Structure of minimized functional in the assembling algorithms of a search for admissible solutions of the inverse gravimetry problem
P. I. Balk, T. V. Balk, and U. Schafer

On the first millennium A.D. large earthquakes in the Greater Caucasus: Revision of original data and catalog
A. A. Nikonov

Propagation of elastic plane solitary-type waves in a nonlinear anisotropic medium
A. S. Vshivtsev and E. M. Chesnokov

Elastic properties of Precambrian rocks of the Tien Shan at high pressures
Muz. Kh. Bakiyev, A. Kh. Ibragimov, V. N. Lenkov, and S. M. Kireyenkova

Classification of states of low-frequency systems of geophysical monitoring
A. A. Lyubushin Jr.

Deformation of boreholes in a field of horizontal failure stresses
A. G. Zhilenkov, S. M. Kapustyanskiy, and V. N. Nikolayevskiy

Magnetite thermometer in paleomagnetic studies of Precambrian rocks
V. V. Gernik and V. A. Tyuremnov

Structure of tube wave induced by a Rayleigh wave from a blast source
A. M. Ionov

Influence of high-conducting component on the magnitude of seismoelectric effect
E. I. Parkhomenko and Kh. D. Topchyan

Use of different height statistical characteristics of the anomalous magnetic field for estimation of the thickness of the magnetoactive crustal layer
V. P. Pronin and A. L. Kharitonov

Jubilee meeting of the International Committee on Seismology of Controllable Sources
N. I. Pavlenkova and L. N. Solodilov

S. L. Soloviev (April 12, 1930, to March 9, 1994)

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