Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 9, April 1995
Russian Edition September 1994


Tectonic position and geologic manifestations of the Ashkhabad 1948 earthquake
E. A. Rogozhin

Seismicity in the vicinity of the Spitak focal zone
S. S. Aref'yev and P. E. Tatevosyan

Generation of tsunami and Rayleigh waves by a harmonic two-dimensional rotation center
N. V. Zvolinskiy, I. I. Karpov, I. S. Nikitin, and S. Ya. Sekerzh-Zen'kovich

Thermophysical and geothermal sections obtained from Kolvinskaya well logging data
Yu. A. Popov, L. A. Pevzner, R. A. Romushkevich, V. M. Korostelev, and M. G. Vorob'yev

Parameters of elastic anisotropy of orthotropic geologic media
D. O. Sirotenko and F. M. Lyakhovitskiy

Fine structure of geomagnetic field studied from the Kapovaya Cave sediment
V. V. Kochegura, Yu. G. Dobretsova, and Yu. S. Lyakhnitskiy

An analysis of the geomagnetic polarity scale
S. V. Shipunov and V. M. Trubikhin

Spectral analysis of the normal magnetization curve
V. Yu. Safroshkin and V. I. Trukhin

Paleointensity of the early Triassic geomagnetic field
G. M. Solodovnikov

The Green's function of wave equation in the presence of an anisotropic medium
A. S. Vshivtsev, A. V. Tatarintsev, and Ye. M. Chesnokov

On the technique for tracking brief precursors of strong earthquakes in the low-frequency telluric field of Kamchatka
Yu. F. Moroz

Method of two-stage interpretation of direct current electrical exploration data
P. S. Martyshko

Deep magnetotelluric sounding with the use of the Australia-New Zealand submarine cable 1. Analysis of experimental data
L. L. Van'yan, N. A. Pal'shin, V. Yu. Semenov, and D. Winch

Reversals of the Earth's magnetic field and changes in the natural environment
A. A. Shreider

A discussion on the paper of V. S. Solov'yev containing critical analysis of works on nonlinear seismics
I. A. Beresnev

In commemoration of a wonderful scientist and friend

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