Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 10, May 1995
Russian Edition October 1994


Anomalous gravity field of Eurasia. 1. Spectral-statistical analysis, sampled estimates, and generalized models of field sources
M. E. Artemyev, V. M. Gordin, and V. A. Kucherienko

On some features of dynamic compressibility of quartz
Y. N. Zhugin, K. K. Krupnikov, N. A. Ovechkin, Y. B. Abakshin, M. M. Gorshkov, V. T. Zaikin, and V. M. Slobodenyukov

Three components of seismic activity of the Earth
N. N. Gor'kavyy, L. S. Levitskiy, T. A. Taydakova, Yu. A. Trapeznikov, and A. M. Fridman

The magnitude-dependent correlation of the Earth's angular speed and its acceleration with occurrence frequency of earthquakes
N. N. Gor'kavyy, L. S. Levitskiy, T. A. Taydakova, Yu. A. Trapeznikov, and A. M. Fridman

Elastic nonlinear parameter as an informative characteristic in problems of prospecting seismology
I. Yu. Belyaeva, V. Yu. Zaytsev, L. A. Ostrovskiy, and A. M. Sutin

A two-stage model of rock failure
E. E. Damaskinskaya, V. S. Kuksenko, and N. G. Tomilin

On determination of the contact interface from gravitational and magnetic fields
I. D. Savinskiy

Paleomagnetic estimation of horizontal tectonic movements in the Olyutorsko-Kamchatskaya zone
E. L. Gurevich and Yu. F. Surkis

Earth-tidal observations and the gravitation absorption hypothesis
B. P. Pertsev, M. V. Kuznetsov, M. V. Ivanova, O. V. Kovaleva, and L. V. Kuznetsova

On anomalous peculiarities of data from the Catalogue of Earthquakes from the National Information Center of the US Geological Survey
A. V. Zubovich, Y. A. Trapeznikov, and A. M. Fridman

Variations of intensity and direction for the flux of natural radio emission in large Carpathian earthquakes
N. I. Migunov, G. A. Sobolev, and A. A. Khromov

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