Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 11, June 1995
Russian Edition November 1994


Calculation of phase equilibria and elastic properties of magmatic rocks
S. V. Sobolev and A. Yu. Babeiko

Large earthquakes and seismic potential of the West Crimea (Sevastopol) focal zone
A. A. Nikonov

Diffraction, interference, and depolarization of elastic waves: 1, Polarization anomalies near a low-contrast interface
A. P. Kiselev and V. O. Yarovoy

Statistical regularities of acoustic emission in fracturing of granite
Y. Y. Damaskinskaya, V. S. Kuksenko, and N. G. Tomilin

Response of strong earthquakes to phases of Earth tides
V. A. Nikolayev

Study of the geoelectric structure of Bulgaria
L. M. Abramova, I. M. Varentsov, N. G. Golubev, M. S. Zhdanov, Y. R. Martanus, Y. Y. Sokolova, and V. S. Shneyer'

Volume integral equations for computation of potential electric fields in two-dimensional models
A. A. Petrov

Localization of singular sources of potential fields in a three-dimensional real space
G. A. Troshkov

Method and apparatus of high-precision measurements of thermophysical characteristics of oceanic sediments
G. I. Petrunin and V. G. Popov

Some effects in the sporadic E layer of the ionosphere prior to earthquakes
Y. V. Liperovskaya, O. A. Pokhotelov, M. A. Oleynik, S. S. Pavlova, O. A. Alimov, and M. Khakimova

Metrological certification of ground quartz astatized gravimeters
R. B. Rukavishnikov

Modernized method of measuring second derivatives of gravitational field using variometer
V. A. Kuzivanov, A. V. Mokin, and S. V. Kuzivanov

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