Physics of the Solid Earth

Volume 30, Number 12, July 1995
Russian Edition December 1994


Quasi-static vibration-induced deformations of the Earth's surface and nonlinear properties of rocks
A. V. Nikolayev, O. V. Pavlenko, and A. P. Yakovlev

On the nature of the New Madrid zone of high seismic activity within the North American platform
A. F. Grachev

Lithosphere model implication for the distribution of microearthquake hypocenters as determined from sea bottom geophone observations
S. A. Kovachev, I. P. Kuzin, S. L. Soloviev, G. F. Karakaizis, and S. Tassos

Optimum arrangement of seismic stations over the Earth's surface
V. Yu. Burmin

Tomography of elastic nonlinear parameters of rocks in problems of seismology and seismic prospecting
I. Yu. Belyayeva, V. Yu. Zaitsev, and A. M. Sutin

Maxwell-Wagner effect in two-dimensional magnetotelluric models
V. P. Gubatenko, A. A. Nazarov, M. N. Berdichevskiy, and B. V. Svetov

Electromagnetic field of an electric dipole in macroanisotropic media
V. P. Gubatenko

Adaptive reparametrization as applied to magnetization recovering in a magnetoactive layer of specified geometry
A. N. Ivanenko, G. M. Valyashko, and S. V. Lukyanov

New potential ability in study of geodynamics and earthquake prediction
A. N. Marchuk

Deep electromagnetic studies in the central Baltic Sea
S. M. Korotayev, A. I. Lapitskiy, V. S. Shneyer, I. L. Trofimov, S. V. Shabelyanskiy, A. I. Demidov, I. P. Yuzhanina, and O. M. Pyatibrat

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